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Pay me to dance for you

Zumba for Life!

Zumba for Life!

Here’s the thing, guys: I’m fat. At 35, something triggered in my body turning all the muscle to fat and the result is not pretty. I’m working on changing this, but there’s no escaping the present reality. While I fancy myself fairly graceful for a big dude, I’m sure from eyes outside my own, it’s more of a Chris Farley in the Chippendales Audition Skit – kinda graceful.

That being said, I am going to this Zumba for Life event. If you’re in the area, I would love for you to come too. The $5 admission goes to my Relay for Life team, and you get to see me salsa-sweaty and Farley-shameless in person. If you can’t go, I intend for there to be video, which I will put on YouTube to share my embarrassment with the world. IF you will donate to my Relay campaign. I need $205 to reach my goal, but I will share some video if I get $100 in donations. I’ll share all of the video if I meet my goal.


So spread the word, help me raise some money, and pop some popcorn for some undoubtedly classic comedy.

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