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REVIEW: Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell

Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell

Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell

FORMAT: Audiobook
PRICE: FREE (donations appreciated)
AVAILABLE AT: Podiobooks.comiTunesAuthor’s Website | You can also purchase a copy of the printed book from

Follow Ishmael as he is forced to begin his adult life after his mother’s death. The planet he lives on is corporate owned, so he needs to play their game or find a way off. Knowing little about it, he finds a way to get himself hired onto a space freighter. His open mind unpolluted by preconceived notions makes him the perfect student of shipboard life and helps him to take advantages of the opportunities around him in ways not considered by his more seasoned shipmates.

Ishmael is instantly lovable and the author makes him someone you empathize with like a family member. If you’re an Orson Scott Card fan, Ish may strike you as the middle between Ender Wiggin and Bean.

This is one of the most perfect marriages of story and reading I have ever witnessed. There are a lot of stories that are read by a good voice — the kind of voice you expect to hear reading audiobooks — and this is that too, but the author’s voice, inflection and tempo are also just plain perfect for telling his story.

There isn’t a lot of flashy action. No surprising plot twists. Just characters that breathe and share their story with you as if they were next to you on the couch. If this weren’t set in a spaceship, you would swear you were hearing a sailor’s audio journal.

I can’t always afford to donate for books I get for free from, but I donated for this one.

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