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WARRIOR JOURNAL: Working on the site/Soliciting interviews

It’s time to get this thing started. I’m finishing enough of the site for there to be something for me to show people. This weekend I plan to send out a lot of emails to get things moving. If you have a moment, please take a look at what I have started at

And while you’re feeling patriotic, please vote for my friend’s project to help entertain the troops overseas You can vote every day, and you can sign in with your Facebook ID so you don’t even need to register for anything. It’s a minute of your time, and invaluable for a good cause.


WARRIOR JOURNAL: Working on the site

I’m feeling good about this, and I intend to keep it going. Soon it will be time to move into the phase of soliciting contacts and scheduling interviews. If you know a veteran with a story to share, I would appreciate it if you would shoot them a link to the site.

I got the Twitter (@warriorjournal) set up last night. Tonight I’m in the mood to have some fun recording. Tomorrow will be about producing for Escape Pod. The rest of the week, I need to get a Facebook page set up for Warrior Journal and start making contacts.

WARRIOR JOURNAL: Working on the site

I’ve finally finished editing Jonathan Darby. I have some recording to do for other projects, some other stuff as well, but I’m taking some time this weekend to get to work on the project that has been nibbling on my thoughts for a year or more now — I need to get the site built, and then I need to start soliciting interviews to build the shows with. Much to do, but the cause is righteous and necessary, in my mind anyway.

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