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Who am I?

I think of myself as an artist, a performer, anew media enthusiast and an unabashed progressive. I have always loved to perform for people and make them laugh — sometimes as the defense mechanism of a fat kid, more often just because I like to make people happy.

I fell in love with radio when a high school friend got me a spot on the small and now defunct alternative radio station (WXVX, 1510 AM) in Monroeville, Pennsylvania where some fool gave me a morning show the summer after I graduated high school.

I stuck with radio in college (WRSK, 88.1 FM) while also helping at the college TV station and newspaper on occasion. I combined all of this with the best internship ever in the PR department of one of the best public TV and radio stations in the US: WQED, Pittsburgh.

After college, I was fortunate to work in the creative and marketing departments of several small companies at the same time the Internet was finally turning into something useful. Luckily, this meant I got to grow with it and learn a lot about showing and selling things online.

From 2006 to 2010, I worked with a friend to co-create and market a very successful independent Internet radio show, which allowed me a new personal outlet for creativity as well as a chance to parlay my work experience in online marketing into something personally fulfilling. That show also brought me into the growing online world of independent media: music, audiobooks, and voice acting.

Now I make a hobby of voice acting and narrating with BrokenSea‘s hooligans and others from my basement sound booth. Occasionally I have the privilege of helping up-and-coming new media stars on their journey through the ether by getting to speak at functions like Podcamp Pittsburgh. Mostly I’m either jacked into the ‘net as a complete New Media glutton or completely jacked in with my family.

And I plan to take over the world someday.

If I can figure out how to do it without having to dress too fancy all the time.

And if I can still go to Primanti’s when I’m King.


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