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RELEASED: In the Line of Duty prequel

In the Line of Duty: a near-future war audio drama produced by Ben Reed

Here’s a cool project in which I’ve had the privilege of being cast. In the Line of Duty is fixing to be a very well produced audio drama about a near future global war and all the political and personal struggles that go along with it.

Producer Ben Reed has been releasing prequels running up to the show’s premier, and the most recent one features my character Lieutenant Colonel David Williams. My acting in it is a bit over-the-top, but hopefully it doesn’t kill the episode for you. It’s always tricky voice acting when nobody’s in the room with you. I’ll be better in the future, I promise.

In the meantime, check it out and appreciate the well-done production and we’ll get busy making more. PLEASE be sure to leave a comment for Ben also. Things like this are made 100x better with listener feedback!


My inner nerd is peeing his pants with glee!

Welcome to the Equinox!

…really, it was just my inner nerd. I’m just wet there from leaning on the bathroom counter. No, really.

Forget that. Much more important is the reason why I’m all fired up. Don’t tell the men in charge that I’m sharing secret documents, but I just received an email from Star Fleet —

Greetings Mat!

It is my pleasure to offer you the role of Crewman Noah Lessing in “Star Trek: Equinox”. Please reply to this message to confirm your acceptance.

Production will begin after Christmas, and you will receive your copy of the script at that time.

Thank you for joining us, and welcome aboard the Equinox! 

Camren T. Burton
Co-Creator / Co-Executive Producer – Star Trek: Equinox
Not impressed? You hate audio dramas? All fanfics are lame? Stop making fun of me mom! I’m gonna be somebody! Just kidding. Seriously, I know some of you folks may not be as much into the audio drama stuff or fanfics or Star Trek, but I’m a big fan of all of the above and I am very excited to be in on this — especially since Hidden Frontier has a long history of doing honor to the original franchise.
This story centers around a ship from what is regarded by many to be the best episode of Star Trek: Voyager. It’s a research ship, and it’s small, which has me thinking that encounters are going to have to be a lot more nuanced ventures than they would be if you were in a Galaxy Class starship like the Enterprise. Point is, it’s exciting, it’s intriguing, and I hope you’ll check it out when it debuts to hear my brilliant “Aye, Captain!” if nothing else.
That’s fine, but I want to see a fan film teaser trailer you say? Done.

RELEASED: My reading of “Site 14” on Escape Pod

Escape Pod (podcast)

'Site 14' by Laura Anne Gilman

It would seem I get the call when something in the story calls for a voice that’s “morose” or “forlorn” and I’m totally okay with that. The added fun of being the producer on this one was that I got to add some sound effects we don’t normally bother with. There’s an alarm that sounds through half the story, and I know people are going to think it’s annoying, but I stand by the decision to put it there. I’ve listened to it like 4 times, and every time that alarm kicks in, I get tense with urgency. When it stops, the silence left in its wake pulls energy straight out of your soul.

About the story… It’s a short alternate history story about a US backed research station in the deepest depths of the ocean. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will remind you that Escape Pod plays sci-fi stories, and Halloween’s coming. It’s not gory horror, but I bet your blood will chill a bit. I recommend a listen as long as you can handle two curse words. 😉


RELEASED: The Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower

The Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower

Remember when I said I had taken a role where I got to try a New England accent? It has been released, and producer Bill Hollweg at Brokensea Audio has once again proven his audio drama mettle. It’s fun, a little scary and as I said, worth a laugh at my expense. If you can handle something a little scary in the spirit of the season, head over and check it out.

The Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower

Preview of an upcoming part

Small fishing boat

Image via Wikipedia

I probably shouldn’t be sharing this, but I get such a kick out of hearing myself like this. You probably hear me in it, but to me, Gus almost feels like someone else. It’s not the most authentic New England accent by far, but I think it shows some workable promise.

Regardless, I’ll post the link to the whole production when it releases, but here’s a snippet to give you a chuckle.

Quick project update

The typical zombie.

Image via Wikipedia


While on vacation, I received a request from HG World to audition for one of their upcoming shorts, which is a huge honor in my opinion. I just sent the auditions for four roles. Hopefully this could lead to future appearances on that awesome show.

I also got word that I have landed a role in the upcoming Out of Time which will be produced by Nother (see the links in the side bar). They describe it thusly:

There is something strange about the classroom in the attic of the school. People can be seen wandering – seemingly lost – from around the door to the attic, but only by one. One student can sense them and she wants to know what is behind that door.

Out of Time is the story of a house, one that floats through different times and spaces. One of the places to access it is from an attic door in a high school. Sasha decides to enter the door and is taken on a journey through her own time both in the past and in the future as she tries to get back to her present and stop newly-discovered tragedy from happening.

UPDATE – 12 August 2011: The lines for Out of Time have been sent to Nother and that production is in process now.

A lot of time lapsed between this and hearing from the HG World crew, but I just heard from them today, which renewed my excitement that I may have a chance to get in on this awesome show. They’ve asked me to read for another part. This guy’s a soldier with a gamer complex and a tendency to sing…I almost feel like this part was written specifically for me. I’ll record the audition tonight. I hope the editors are ready for what they’ve brought on themselves here… 😉

RECORDING – In the Line of Duty (2nd callback)

Implosion Nuclear weapon fr

In the Line of Duty is an upcoming audio drama about a modern day nuclear hijack. Image via Wikipedia

I got another callback for In the Line of Duty which makes me feel good on two counts. One, I’m feeling good about my chances of getting a part. Two, I’m encouraged that someone taking so much time to make sure voices go together the way they envision suggests the final production will be top-notch. I’ll update on what happens with that ASAP.

I also edited my next reading for Escape Pod which will be out on Thursday. I’ll link here when that happens, no fear. Sneak preview: it’s an intriguing take on the post alien invasion world by Vylar Kaftan. Think District 9, but with the humans being cared for by the aliens after they make a successful takeover.

I’m also knocking out some retakes on Fixing a Whole, for which I will be very excited to hear finished product. Then it’s off to bed to start the work week right tomorrow. It was a fun weekend of pool and barbeque, now it’s back to life, back to reality.

It was a big weekend

Ambrose Bierce portre

Image via Wikipedia

If you haven’t already seen it on Facebook, this weekend Relay taught me three things:

  • I can sometimes have more will than brains
  • People who push through foot trauma in movies and stories might be able to swing the heroics while the adrenalin’s flowing, but if the bad guy made them sit still for a half hour, they wouldn’t be able to continue the fight.
  • I was never sure what the end of The Long Walk meant, but I’m here to tell you know that if King knew an iota of what he spoke, then Garrity’s sprint at the end was an Ambrose Bierce-worthy death, because there is nothing on Earth that can make me believe someone who has been walking a 4 MPH pace for days will run under any circumstances.

All that aside, this is how it was for me at the end:

and the check-ins from the rest of the night are at

Saturday was pretty tame. I took Lauren to her swim class and my blessed wife let me gimp along as I needed all day. Sunday was soccer with the boy, some work outside, and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe from Netflix in the evening.

Now I am recording some fun stuff…

One is a callback for an audition I did for an upcoming audio drama called In the Line of Duty. It looks really cool and I’d like to tell you more, but I don’t want to reveal anything until I get the go-ahead from the directors.

The other is a rework for Fixing a Whole which is a challenging piece because I play a character plus his ego, id and super ego. I can’t wait to see how the director builds all this so it doesn’t all sound like me just talking to myself. This project will most likely release this summer, and I’ll pass on the info when it does.

Then I’m going to bed. Because I need it. I hope you had a lovely weekend too!

Surprise! You’re on!

Escape Pod (podcast)

Image via Wikipedia

By a strange turn of events, I ended up hosting this week’s Escape Pod. It’s not my shiniest moment.  I managed to leave the bass jacked up on my mic and not realizing what had happened until I was well beyond the point of no return. But for a one-take that had to be put out on the quick, I’m satisfied.

All of that aside, if you’re in the mood for some sci-fi flash fiction, and you don’t mind me a little too bass doing the intro and outro, I recommend checking this week’s episode.

Back in the Booth

OOOO! Look at "Mr. Ominous" in the sound booth!

Tonight I’m recording the announcer spot for the forthcoming audio drama White Angel Squadron about WWII pilots (Misfits Audio Productions; Director – James Leeper). There are 5 more scripts/stories in my TO RECORD folder. It’s going to be a busy weekend, but a fun one!

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