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Flash Forward 18



It’s risky to let me be on a show about politics, but I got to be a guest voice on Flash Forward again, and it was fully scripted, so you can listen with confidence.

In case you still haven’t given Rose Eveleth a try, her show poses a question about the future, attempts to act out a bit of what that future would be like, and then uses the thoughts of relevant thinkers to debate the proposed situation. Rose does a great job of keeping it interesting and fun, and I recommend giving it a try.

In case you’re curious, I’ve been trying to maintain a Pinterest board of the shows I’m subscribed to or was at some point. Check it out if you’re looking for something else for commute, work, and dog-walk listening.


It musta been speech, but it’s over now….

Our congress cannot be troubled to vote for relief on taxes that we never should have been paying in the first place, but they will go out of their way to vote for a law that favors specific businesses and squashes free speech. And the vast majority of these 85-year-old legislators couldn’t get to the right place if asked them to “open a browser window to Google dot com”!

If you can’t be bothered to stand up and squash this today, if you can’t email your crimin…err…congressman, IF YOU CAN’T TAKE THE TIME TO RE-POST THIS FRIGGIN’ PICTURE, then don’t worry — nobody’s going to ever ask you again. Because it will be illegal.

If freedom's just another word for "nothing left to lose" then, good news! Prepare to be as free as ever!


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The must attend event for people that want to be worth anything in new media

Podcamp Pittsburgh is coming up, and if you’re within five-hours’ drive and involved at all with new media for work or personal use, you need to be there. It’s a free conference that was created as a way to teach everyday people about podcasting, but because the independent podcaster is also his/her own marketing team, they have moved over the years to encompassing a lot of social media learning. It’s still mostly kids and amateurs attending, but there are more business people discovering the secret every year.

Some folks may remember that I had the privilege of speaking there last year about building an online community and I was shocked at the quality of the information being shared. NO JOKE — what you can get at Podcamp for free is equal to or greater than what businesses spend thousands just for tickets to get into an eTail or Internet Retailer conference. This is one of the rare cases where you get way more than you pay for and if you snub it based on the false assumption that nothing free can really be that good, then you’re the only one losing out. Think about it: new media was started by individual users. Not only that, but because the basement broadcaster has to be everything for himself, he also knows the best ways to market online for zero budget. If nothing else, companies should be scouring the halls of Podcamp looking for people to employ to head their online marketing teams. What the executives that preach at paid conferences spout comes from people like the ones at Podcamp. You can get it distilled through a moron and pay for the privilege, or you can get the info fresh from the source.

It’s true, there aren’t as many sponsors and salesmen wandering around, so there aren’t as many free stress squeeze balls being handed out, and you have to put up with speakers that are rarely over 25. But these are podcasters that get bigger audiences from their basements for $0 than many/most companies do with big budgets and marketing agencies on retainer. I know, because I was one of them, and in four years, there were only three or four corporate-sponsored shows that out-performed us in our genre, and most of them paid tens of thousands of dollars to do what my partners and I did for maybe $10k total (and could have done for far less if we had chosen).

My personal friend and arguably student-turned-master Michael Sorg ( / @sorgatron) is one of the organizers of Podcamp Pittsburgh. Contact him about attending or speaking if you have questions, or just go directly to their site and do it for yourself here:

Most importantly: go. If you want to learn about new media and rub elbows with the kings and queens of it, go. You can’t do better.

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