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Missing my friend Bill Hollweg



RELEASED: My reading of “Site 14” on Escape Pod

Escape Pod (podcast)

'Site 14' by Laura Anne Gilman

It would seem I get the call when something in the story calls for a voice that’s “morose” or “forlorn” and I’m totally okay with that. The added fun of being the producer on this one was that I got to add some sound effects we don’t normally bother with. There’s an alarm that sounds through half the story, and I know people are going to think it’s annoying, but I stand by the decision to put it there. I’ve listened to it like 4 times, and every time that alarm kicks in, I get tense with urgency. When it stops, the silence left in its wake pulls energy straight out of your soul.

About the story… It’s a short alternate history story about a US backed research station in the deepest depths of the ocean. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will remind you that Escape Pod plays sci-fi stories, and Halloween’s coming. It’s not gory horror, but I bet your blood will chill a bit. I recommend a listen as long as you can handle two curse words. 😉


RELEASED: My Reading of ‘Night Bird Soaring’ on Escape Pod

Escape Pod (podcast)

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Picture a sci-fi story about an alternate timeline where the Aztecs are the dominant society on the planet. Now take that vision and blend it with some traditional Aztec language for spice, add in some nanobots and space travel, and you end up with quite  a challenging piece to read out loud, but a fun one with a good message.

My inflection could be better, but with language taken into consideration, I’m pretty happy with how this came out. Plus, it’s a fun story that I think people will enjoy. Check it out here:

RELEASED: Me Narrating ‘Disarm’ on Escape Pod

Once again, I have been released. This time it was to narrate a Vylar Kaftan story called Disarm. It’s a story about life after alien invasion. It’s post-war, so there’s some PTSD involved as well as the not-often contemplated mundanities of rebuilding civilization to accommodate the new order. It’s a little sad, a little hopeful, and a little bit of a commentary on human nature. I described it earlier in the week as “Think District 9, but with the humans being cared for by the aliens after they make a successful takeover.”

It may not be my very best narration work, but I think it’s solid and worth a listen.


“We kept in touch through the war, when he messaged me about marching through upstate New York. He always started the same way: “Dear Ryan, Please come kick my commanding officer in the balls.” Then he’d tell me about the latest mess–cracks in their radiation suits, or toxic waterholes that were supposed to be clear. He never got in trouble for the messages; they needed him too badly. My epilepsy disqualified me from the draft, which probably saved my life. Pretty boys like me weren’t exactly Army material. By the time things were bad enough that they needed any warm body, there wasn’t enough human government left to organize a draft.

The ruins at Binghamton were where Trey got sick. By the time I got across the country to him, he’d recovered–well, as much as possible. I remember the doctor’s face as he says Trey will live, but he’ll be in pain.”

"I for one welcome our new alien overlords." Image borrowed from

FACT: Trains are cool


The "D" at the railroad museum in Lancaster


The kids, their grandmother and grandfather, their uncle and cousin and I all went to the Railroad Museum in Lancaster, PA this afternoon. The kids had a great time playing with little trains and climbing big ones. I had a fun time staring at the huge hunks of metal and learning about some pretty amazing machines. Steam locomotives have always amazed me — they’re just enormous boiling pots that men somehow engineered to populate and supply the country in it’s formative years. For all their pipes and pistons and levers, their basic technology is the same you use to make spaghetti.

Anyway, my legs are sore and both the kids were asleep as of 9:15, so it must have been good for some exercise as well. That and a half hour on the elliptical tonight I’m counting as 2 exercise points, which also means I’m 2/2 on this week’s goal. All-in-all, a well-spent vacation day.

Tonight, I produce this week’s Escape Pod, knock out some voice work, and see what else I can eke in before beddy time.

Finally, I just found out Sounds for Soldiers is making another bid to get funding for their project to send free entertainment to the troops overseas. I wish I would have known sooner, but I’ll be voting every day for the rest of the month to try to give them the boost they need to win $5k for this worthy project.

Quick! Go get episode 4 of Jonathan Darby!

Jonathan Darby

The Phantastic and Wondrous Adventures of Mr. Jonathan Darby

I totally forgot to post last week when episode 5 was released for free. If you’re going to get it, you need to do it now before the author swaps it for episode 6. Get it here:

Or you could just save yourself the trouble of doing it manually and subscribe to it here with iTunes or your podcatcher of choice:

And of course, if you miss episodes you can get them individually or all together without waiting here:

Episode 4 of ‘Jonathan Darby’ has released

The Phantastic and Wondrous Adventures of Mr. Jonathan Darby

The Phantastic and Wondrous Adventures of Mr. Jonathan Darby

Austin Sirkin, the author of The Phantastic and Wondrous Adventures of Mr. Jonathan Darby (which I voiced and produced), has just released the fourth episode of eight.

NOTE: The recording for this was done before I had my studio built, and the production of it has been a huge learning experience. It’s not perfect, it’s not even the best I can do, but I’ve already promised the author that I will redo some particularly rough patches, and you will hear much better quality in the forthcoming sequel.

Get episode 4 for free here:

Or subscribe to it here:

If you missed any episodes, you can get them individually or all together without waiting here:

Episode 3 of ‘Jonathan Darby’ has released

Austin Sirkin, the author of The Phantastic and Wondrous Adventures of Mr. Jonathan Darby (which I voiced and produced), has just released the third episode. You can get it here:

Or subscribe to it here:

And don’t forget, if you missed any episodes, you can get them individually or all together without waiting here:

Jonathan Darby is published!

The author, Austin Sirkin is at Dragon Con this week promoting, among other things, the story I narrated and produced for him — The Phantastic and Wondrous Adventures of Mr. Jonathan Darby.

Mr. Sirkin will be releasing the story in a serial format through a feed you can subscribe to at

But if you want to get it all now, if you prefer to have it all in better audio quality, or you just want to support an up-and-coming author, you can get a copy of the whole story on CDBaby for only $5 here:

Either way, I would appreciate if you would have a look and pass the word along to any friends you have that may be interested in sci-fi or steampunk.

PRODUCING: Escape Pod 256 – The Mermaids Singing Each to Each

PRODUCTION: The Mermaids Singing Each to Each
PUBLISHER: Escape Pod, Mur Lafferty
MY ROLE: Producer

This is my second time putting together an Escape Pod episode. I’m expecting to do a much better job this time, and I continue to be overwhelmingly honored to be working with these people.

This episode is written by Sci-Fi goddess Cat Rambo and read by one of the most widely recognizable voices on the web, Christiana Ellis.

Episode Post:

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