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RELEASED: Victoria season finale

I have a habit of taking parts that are either the stars of the show or die in one episode. That’s why playing Lt. Booth on Victoria: Empress of the Universe has been a treat. He doesn’t take days to record, but he gets to appear regularly, and I get to pretend I  can believably portray a British accent. It’s a fun ride, and a very Burroughs-esque story. So if you’re into old-timey radio sci-fi, give Victoria a try.

Victoria! Empress of the Universe: Episode Six

Episode Six – The Season One Finale – And Death Shall Be Triumphant!
LEFT CLICK the picture to play the episode, RIGHT CLICK to download it

LEFT CLICK the picture to play the episode, RIGHT CLICK to download it

Story Synopsis
This is the Season Finale! All the events so far have led to this huge 40 minute climactic conclusion!

RELEASED: Frequency of Fear Lite Movie of the Week

Rehearsing for the radio show "You Can't ...

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PRODUCTION: Frequency of Fear Lite Movie of the Week, Episode 8
PART: Ryan Watercress, smarmy trash TV host
RELEASED: 11/22/2010

I just found out a bit part I recorded was released last month. It was a fun little bit that’s worth a listen. And the reason I found out about it was that the Director/Producer asked me to do more. So I’ll have more to share with you soon

Here’s the page for the episode and the links to listen or download  –

By the way, if you’re interested in old time radio (OTR) drama, please subscribe to Frequency of Fear. Zombie Astronaut (yes, that’s his birth name) does a hell of a job assembling good stuff to listen to and saving treasures from obscurity.

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