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Holocaust Survivor Accounts and Holocaust Rescuers: Surviving The Holocaust Stories

Holocaust Survivor Accounts and Holocaust Rescuers: Surviving The Holocaust StoriesThis makes two audiobook narrations for Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) under my belt. It’s called Holocaust Survivor Accounts and Holocaust Rescuers: Surviving The Holocaust Stories.

As before, it’s not for me to comment on the content of the book itself. As the narrator I have no control over the content other than the ability to refuse the option to produce it. I’m proud of this as a longer project. There were some things I could have/should have done better, some that I thought I would have a chance to fix later and didn’t. But altogether, I think it’s a solid second effort, and of a topic that was more interesting to me personally. The price is high and I wish I had some control over that to help sales I’ll tell interested friends to check it out on sale.

Horror Stories: Bizarre Reports of the World’s Craziest True Ghost Stories and Hauntings

Horror Stories: Bizarre Reports of the World's Craziest True Ghost Stories and HauntingsMy first official audiobook narration for Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) has hit the Amazon store and I’m excited to see how it goes. The book is called Horror Stories: Bizarre Reports of the World’s Craziest True Ghost Stories and Hauntings.

I don’t want to comment on the content of the book itself. As the narrator I have no control over the content other than the ability to refuse the option to produce it. But as far as the narration and production go, I’m pretty proud of this first effort and I can honestly say I learned some new things while working on it, which is not something you say often when you’ve been dabbling in audio projects of various kinds for over a decade. Or two.

Regardless, the thing about these kinds of projects (and most things in our world) is that ambition trumps quality. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world, if you’re not motivated to promote it, it’ll never sell. In this case, I get the distinct impression that the author is motivated, and that he’s in a niche that is notoriously hungry for input. So, I’m hoping that we can get some sales out if it. The long-term idea is to get enough active audiobooks that even scattered sales from a lot of sources can add up to some kind of income. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve talked with other ACX Narrator/Producers that have enough irons in the fire to make a steady, livable income from the earnings. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to that stage, but having some play money to put into the kids’ college funds and such would be nice. Cross your fingers!

RELEASED: Mr. Hill’s Death on Pseudopod

Man, it seems like forever since I’ve done a narration for Pseudopod, and it’s always such a pleasure.

If you’ve got 20ish minutes and can stomach a modern tale that would make Bradbury smile, this is a good one to check out. And if you do, be sure to join and visit their Facebook group and give it a LIKE or pop into the forum and express your thoughts to other audience members.

PseudoPod 474: Mr. Hill’s Death

RELEASED: To the Knife Cold Stars

To the Knife Cold Stars author A. Merc Rustad

To the Knife Cold Stars author A. Merc Rustad

I am very proud of Escape Pod’s editors’ choice to run this beautiful story as the first in our month-long tribute to female and non-binary gendered authors, and I’m honored to have been able to narrate it.

It’s a stirring story set in a post-apocalyptic, machine-driven, 1984-ish world. The main character is saved from a death sentence for loving without permission, and his fortune leads him to make a similar sacrifice to save someone else. In the end, the simple beauty of the night sky is the most important.

It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, but well worth the ride in my opinion. I also count it in the top 10 of my narrations easily; maybe top 5. I’m quite proud if it.

RELEASED: narration of Checkmate on Escape Pod

I got this one on short notice when the narrator I had originally booked suffered a family tragedy. I would never hope to get work that way, but I have a soft spot in my heart for steampunk, so this one was a pleasure to cover.

It’s steampunk; it posits war-by-proxy; there’s action and a twist – it’s well worth your time for a listen.

As always if you like it, please leave a comment on the show’s website, consider subscribing, and consider leaving a good review for us wherever you subscribe — it’s how shows like this know you dig what they’re doing to entertain you for free.

RELEASED: my narration of Way of the Needle on Escape Pod

I didn’t plan to be narrating this one, but the audio I received from the original narrator was unusable, so I rushed to knock tis one out. I’m almost sad to say it because I don’t want to belittle the original narrator’s effort (it really was well done, I just couldn’t use the file), but I’m very proud of how this one came out. It’s probably in my top 5 narrations to date.

The story itself is brilliant — probably the most original sci-fi I’ve heard in a while. I can’t do justice describing it, so either just listen or pop over to the Escape Pod page for the episode and read it until you’re sure it’s something you want to listen to. You’re going to want to. Think: a feudal Japanese story, with all of the characters played by silicon-based alien insects.

RELEASED: my reading of Eater of Bone on Escape Pod

Eater of Bone by Robert Reed

Eater of Bone by Robert Reed

Escape Pod has never done a novella that I can recall, but it was a pleasure trying out some super-long-form reading on Robert Reed‘s Eater of Bone. It’s kind of what Planet of the Apes might have been if it followed Nova instead of Taylor, and instead of meeting astronauts recently arrived from the past, Nova met an astronaut that had been there for thousands of years.

Okay, my analogy may be more confusing than the actual plot, so how ’bout you just take my word for it that it’s a good one and you go check out both parts of the four hour audio novella linked here:


PART 2: to release 4/10/2014

RELEASED: My reading of The Little Black Bag on Escape Pod

We always talk about traveling to the future or at least glimpsing it. But imagine if the future mistakenly sent something back to the past and it fell into the right hands, who shared it with the wrong person, who then found themselves the object of a Hitchcock-worthy end.

If it sounds intriguing, give a listen to this little bit of golden-age sci-fi from Escape Pod. It’s not my best reading, but I’d put it in the upper 50%, and in my opinion the fun of the story makes up for my lacking.

RELEASED: My reading of “Thunderbeast…” for Journey Into…

Kids write the best stories, and this episode of Journey Into… explores what you get when you give a kid’s story a dramatic reading. Thunderbeast: Enter the Hunter by Robbie Latham is a short, super-cute, super hero story that I had the privilege to read. I only wish I could do this sort of thing more often! So, check out this episode, and if you have access to a 4th or 5th grade class that you want to force into writing stories that we could then produce into sound effect infused dramatic readings, give me a call.

RELEASED: My narration of Morning Espresso at the Church of Me on Drabblecast

Double Espresso

It ain’t Starbuck’s. (“Double Espresso” photo credit: Wikipedia)

WARNING: This one’s not for everybody. This is a dark episode of a show that specializes in darkness. The theme: cannibalism.

I had the privilege of reading one of three short stories in this episode of Drabblecast, which is run by Norm Sherman, the editor I work with at Escape Pod. It’s a macabre piece that doesn’t wrap up in a happy ending…well, maybe it does for the patrons, but surely not for the “barista.” If you can stomach the content, this is an interesting episode of a show I am growing to like more every time I hear it.

Drabblecast 280 – Trifecta XXV

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