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RELEASED: Mr. Hill’s Death on Pseudopod

Man, it seems like forever since I’ve done a narration for Pseudopod, and it’s always such a pleasure.

If you’ve got 20ish minutes and can stomach a modern tale that would make Bradbury smile, this is a good one to check out. And if you do, be sure to join and visit their Facebook group and give it a LIKE or pop into the forum and express your thoughts to other audience members.

PseudoPod 474: Mr. Hill’s Death


RELEASED: My narration of Morning Espresso at the Church of Me on Drabblecast

Double Espresso

It ain’t Starbuck’s. (“Double Espresso” photo credit: Wikipedia)

WARNING: This one’s not for everybody. This is a dark episode of a show that specializes in darkness. The theme: cannibalism.

I had the privilege of reading one of three short stories in this episode of Drabblecast, which is run by Norm Sherman, the editor I work with at Escape Pod. It’s a macabre piece that doesn’t wrap up in a happy ending…well, maybe it does for the patrons, but surely not for the “barista.” If you can stomach the content, this is an interesting episode of a show I am growing to like more every time I hear it.

Drabblecast 280 – Trifecta XXV

RELEASED: My narration of Concussion on Escape Pod

Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 - 10

Let’s be honest, if Vick was the only one that knew the danger ahead, we’d all be doomed. [Football: Jets-v-Eagles, Sep 2009 – 10 (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)]

Concussion by David Glen Larson is a tale of a quarterback that hallucinates when he gets concussed on the field. Or maybe he doesn’t.

It’s a cool story, well worth the 20 minutes it takes to listen. I did a little more production with the audio on this one to make it easier to understand scene changes and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Was it too much? Did it distract from the story? Did it help?

If you’re at all inclined toward sci-fi or stories or whatever, Escape Pod is one to check out. And this story, my narration notwithstanding, is a good representation of the quality of this show.

RELEASED: Who Goes There? — the story the movie The Thing was based on

Image borrowed from

Image borrowed from

This is one of my favorite projects to be involved with so far and I have been very, VERY eagerly awaiting it’s release. I’m proud of my work on it, the production value is good, and it’s free for you to listen to it, so there is no reason for you not to. Okay, if you don’t care for classic horror or have a strong aversion to the mention of blood, alien body posession or flamethrowers, this isn’t for you. For the rest of us: CLICK NOW!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this is the story that became the movie The Thing. If you remember The Thing, my character is Childs — one that was very fun to voice in this project.

Please have a listen and pass the link on to as many people as possible. It’s my understanding that this is producer Clay Dugger’s first major venture for his amateur audio drama group – Must Be Nice Studios. It would be a huge coup for them and I would consider it a personal favor if this got spread far and wide. Besides, it’s just plain X-Files/Twilight Zone/drive-in fright feature type fun and you’re going to want to pass it along.


Lilith's Children, episode 8

Lilith's Children, episode 8 "The God Complex"

I saw a casting call come through a while ago for someone with a deep, gritty voice needed to replace a regular cast member in an established show. I can do deep and gritty, so I chucked my hat in the ring to see what would come of it.

After some tweaking and a bit of back-and-forth with the producer, Viktor Aurelius, what came of it was me taking the role of Teddy in Lilith’s Children. True, demons and Fantasy stories aren’t usually my thing, but it was a chance to do a role with a different voice and work with a new production group and I like making new contacts in this game.

So now I’m Teddy, a sarcastic, lascivious trog. You’ll have to listen to the back episodes to fully understand the situation and when you hear the original Teddy, you’ll appreciate more the size of the shoes I needed to fill. I won’t say I have filled them, but I hope I haven’t done the role any shame.

Check it out and let me know.

RELEASED: My reading of Certus Per Bellum on Escape Pod

I had the pleasure of narrating this interesting story about a near future world where lawsuits can be decided by battle, and instead of lawyers you hire champions. Personally, I think this should be an option now…

CLICK HERE to listen

Certus per Bellum (Decided by War)
By S. Hutson Blount (

“It’s quiet outside,” Nohaile said, trying to find a comfortable way to sit in his armor suit. “Are you sure it’s started?”

“It’ll get plenty loud,” said the girl. She was armored only in a ratty sweatshirt and a patched bib coverall. She’d entered the bunker with a vest and some sensible-looking boots, but promptly removed them. Her bare feet made her look about twelve years old. “For right now,” she continued after some rapid two-thumb typing on her hand console, “we got time to kill.”

RELEASED: My reading of “Site 14” on Escape Pod

Escape Pod (podcast)

'Site 14' by Laura Anne Gilman

It would seem I get the call when something in the story calls for a voice that’s “morose” or “forlorn” and I’m totally okay with that. The added fun of being the producer on this one was that I got to add some sound effects we don’t normally bother with. There’s an alarm that sounds through half the story, and I know people are going to think it’s annoying, but I stand by the decision to put it there. I’ve listened to it like 4 times, and every time that alarm kicks in, I get tense with urgency. When it stops, the silence left in its wake pulls energy straight out of your soul.

About the story… It’s a short alternate history story about a US backed research station in the deepest depths of the ocean. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will remind you that Escape Pod plays sci-fi stories, and Halloween’s coming. It’s not gory horror, but I bet your blood will chill a bit. I recommend a listen as long as you can handle two curse words. 😉


RELEASED: The Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower

The Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower

Remember when I said I had taken a role where I got to try a New England accent? It has been released, and producer Bill Hollweg at Brokensea Audio has once again proven his audio drama mettle. It’s fun, a little scary and as I said, worth a laugh at my expense. If you can handle something a little scary in the spirit of the season, head over and check it out.

The Strange Fate of Matthew Hornblower

RELEASED: My Reading of ‘Night Bird Soaring’ on Escape Pod

Escape Pod (podcast)

Image via Wikipedia

Picture a sci-fi story about an alternate timeline where the Aztecs are the dominant society on the planet. Now take that vision and blend it with some traditional Aztec language for spice, add in some nanobots and space travel, and you end up with quite  a challenging piece to read out loud, but a fun one with a good message.

My inflection could be better, but with language taken into consideration, I’m pretty happy with how this came out. Plus, it’s a fun story that I think people will enjoy. Check it out here:

Quick project update

The typical zombie.

Image via Wikipedia


While on vacation, I received a request from HG World to audition for one of their upcoming shorts, which is a huge honor in my opinion. I just sent the auditions for four roles. Hopefully this could lead to future appearances on that awesome show.

I also got word that I have landed a role in the upcoming Out of Time which will be produced by Nother (see the links in the side bar). They describe it thusly:

There is something strange about the classroom in the attic of the school. People can be seen wandering – seemingly lost – from around the door to the attic, but only by one. One student can sense them and she wants to know what is behind that door.

Out of Time is the story of a house, one that floats through different times and spaces. One of the places to access it is from an attic door in a high school. Sasha decides to enter the door and is taken on a journey through her own time both in the past and in the future as she tries to get back to her present and stop newly-discovered tragedy from happening.

UPDATE – 12 August 2011: The lines for Out of Time have been sent to Nother and that production is in process now.

A lot of time lapsed between this and hearing from the HG World crew, but I just heard from them today, which renewed my excitement that I may have a chance to get in on this awesome show. They’ve asked me to read for another part. This guy’s a soldier with a gamer complex and a tendency to sing…I almost feel like this part was written specifically for me. I’ll record the audition tonight. I hope the editors are ready for what they’ve brought on themselves here… 😉

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