Escape Pod 526: The Hunter Captain

Escape PodThis week’s EscapePod was a pretty cool story that could have (may have) been an episode of Star Trek where a human is taken captive by aliens in space and gets judged on whether or not she is actually sentient. It’s a great episode and I’m very happy to have cast myself as narrator for it. :D


Flash Forward

Flash Forward s2e9

Flash Forward season 2, episode 9

I had the privilege of being a guest voice in a skit on a podcast I’ve listened to since its beginning — Flash Forward. It’s a show that weekly poses a question about the future, attempts to act out a bit of what that future would be like, and then uses the thoughts of relevant thinkers to debate the proposed situation. Rose Eveleth does a great job of keeping it interesting and fun, and I recommend giving it a try.

In case you’re curious, I’ve been trying to maintain a Pinterest board of the shows I’m subscribed to or was at some point. Check it out if you’re looking for something else for commute, work, and dog-walk listening.

RELEASED: Mr. Hill’s Death on Pseudopod

Man, it seems like forever since I’ve done a narration for Pseudopod, and it’s always such a pleasure.

If you’ve got 20ish minutes and can stomach a modern tale that would make Bradbury smile, this is a good one to check out. And if you do, be sure to join and visit their Facebook group and give it a LIKE or pop into the forum and express your thoughts to other audience members.

PseudoPod 474: Mr. Hill’s Death

RELEASED: Escape Pod 509

EP509: Broken by Jason Kimble

EP509: Broken by Jason Kimble

I had the privilege to narrate a short but very cool story for Escape Pod this week about someone with mental issues and computer skills. Think Hackers crossed with Firestarter. If you can spare some commute time for a fun tale, put this on on your phone and give it a listen.

RELEASED: Victoria season finale

I have a habit of taking parts that are either the stars of the show or die in one episode. That’s why playing Lt. Booth on Victoria: Empress of the Universe has been a treat. He doesn’t take days to record, but he gets to appear regularly, and I get to pretend I  can believably portray a British accent. It’s a fun ride, and a very Burroughs-esque story. So if you’re into old-timey radio sci-fi, give Victoria a try.

Victoria! Empress of the Universe: Episode Six

Episode Six – The Season One Finale – And Death Shall Be Triumphant!
LEFT CLICK the picture to play the episode, RIGHT CLICK to download it

LEFT CLICK the picture to play the episode, RIGHT CLICK to download it

Story Synopsis
This is the Season Finale! All the events so far have led to this huge 40 minute climactic conclusion!


If this wasn’t a Jeff Niles/Viktor Aurelius production, this would sound strange. But… is…

It’s the late 19th century in America and Utah seems to be experiencing a bit of a vampire problem. My character is a frontier-era Bible salesman with a foot fetish and dim prospects for making it into a sequel.

I’ll leave it at that. You can get more information and listen to the audio drama here:

RELEASED: To the Knife Cold Stars

To the Knife Cold Stars author A. Merc Rustad

To the Knife Cold Stars author A. Merc Rustad

I am very proud of Escape Pod’s editors’ choice to run this beautiful story as the first in our month-long tribute to female and non-binary gendered authors, and I’m honored to have been able to narrate it.

It’s a stirring story set in a post-apocalyptic, machine-driven, 1984-ish world. The main character is saved from a death sentence for loving without permission, and his fortune leads him to make a similar sacrifice to save someone else. In the end, the simple beauty of the night sky is the most important.

It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, but well worth the ride in my opinion. I also count it in the top 10 of my narrations easily; maybe top 5. I’m quite proud if it.

Golden Rule Goes Both Ways

When we think of The Golden Rule, we think of it as a proactive thing – a rule to keep us from offending others, to keep them from offending us.

Try to remember, though, that it’s also a reactive thing – not jumping all over someone when they make a mistake keeps us from making the situation worse and stops us from shaming someone who may have offended us by accident.

Knee-jerk anger is cute for sitcoms, but if you want to actually make the situation better you need to be ready to knee-jerk-react with humility and forgiveness and grace.

RELEASED: Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter : “The Horn of Valhalla” Episode 1

I’m no stranger to the Jake Sampson universe, I’ve been fortunate enough to appear in several episodes, probably most notably as Edgar Rice Burroughs in the Gods of War arc. My role in this series is significantly shorter. The good news, I’m the first voice you hear and I get the [sound]stage all to myself for minutes. The bad news — I die a violent death by impaling in a scene from Night at the Museum Ben Stiller never acted out.

As always, Writer/Director/Producer Bill Hollweg does brilliant work in this super-pulpy old-time-radio-style series. If you haven’t listened to a Jake Sampson series before, you’ll want to give Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter : “The Horn of Valhalla” a try. And if you do like what you hear, make sure to listen back through the other series linked on the right side, especially Gods of War since I play a classic writer who gets tangled in a war on Mars! There’s some pretty epic fighting going on there.

RELEASED: narration of Checkmate on Escape Pod

I got this one on short notice when the narrator I had originally booked suffered a family tragedy. I would never hope to get work that way, but I have a soft spot in my heart for steampunk, so this one was a pleasure to cover.

It’s steampunk; it posits war-by-proxy; there’s action and a twist – it’s well worth your time for a listen.

As always if you like it, please leave a comment on the show’s website, consider subscribing, and consider leaving a good review for us wherever you subscribe — it’s how shows like this know you dig what they’re doing to entertain you for free.

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