RELEASED: To the Knife Cold Stars

To the Knife Cold Stars author A. Merc Rustad

To the Knife Cold Stars author A. Merc Rustad

I am very proud of Escape Pod’s editors’ choice to run this beautiful story as the first in our month-long tribute to female and non-binary gendered authors, and I’m honored to have been able to narrate it.

It’s a stirring story set in a post-apocalyptic, machine-driven, 1984-ish world. The main character is saved from a death sentence for loving without permission, and his fortune leads him to make a similar sacrifice to save someone else. In the end, the simple beauty of the night sky is the most important.

It’s a bit of a tear-jerker, but well worth the ride in my opinion. I also count it in the top 10 of my narrations easily; maybe top 5. I’m quite proud if it.

Golden Rule Goes Both Ways

When we think of The Golden Rule, we think of it as a proactive thing – a rule to keep us from offending others, to keep them from offending us.

Try to remember, though, that it’s also a reactive thing – not jumping all over someone when they make a mistake keeps us from making the situation worse and stops us from shaming someone who may have offended us by accident.

Knee-jerk anger is cute for sitcoms, but if you want to actually make the situation better you need to be ready to knee-jerk-react with humility and forgiveness and grace.

RELEASED: Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter : “The Horn of Valhalla” Episode 1

I’m no stranger to the Jake Sampson universe, I’ve been fortunate enough to appear in several episodes, probably most notably as Edgar Rice Burroughs in the Gods of War arc. My role in this series is significantly shorter. The good news, I’m the first voice you hear and I get the [sound]stage all to myself for minutes. The bad news — I die a violent death by impaling in a scene from Night at the Museum Ben Stiller never acted out.

As always, Writer/Director/Producer Bill Hollweg does brilliant work in this super-pulpy old-time-radio-style series. If you haven’t listened to a Jake Sampson series before, you’ll want to give Jake Sampson: Monster Hunter : “The Horn of Valhalla” a try. And if you do like what you hear, make sure to listen back through the other series linked on the right side, especially Gods of War since I play a classic writer who gets tangled in a war on Mars! There’s some pretty epic fighting going on there.

RELEASED: narration of Checkmate on Escape Pod

I got this one on short notice when the narrator I had originally booked suffered a family tragedy. I would never hope to get work that way, but I have a soft spot in my heart for steampunk, so this one was a pleasure to cover.

It’s steampunk; it posits war-by-proxy; there’s action and a twist – it’s well worth your time for a listen.

As always if you like it, please leave a comment on the show’s website, consider subscribing, and consider leaving a good review for us wherever you subscribe — it’s how shows like this know you dig what they’re doing to entertain you for free.

RELEASED: My walk-on role for The Drabblecast

Drabblecast 340

Drabblecast 340

This was a fun story to be a part of for Drabblecast. We actually ran it on Escape Pod a while back, but I didn’t get to narrate it then. This time I got to take part AND it was produced as an audio drama, AND I didn’t have to produce it — win-win-win!

It’s a fun little story that’s about exactly what the title makes you expect. It’s absolutely worth the listen, and if you like it please leave a comment on their website and subscribe to their show.


The characters from the Wizard of Oz, all modernized and set in Vegas and produced by the dark genius of The 4077th himself, Viktor Aurelius.

Yeah, you’re curious.

It’s gritty, so be warned. But if you can handle some of the strong stuff and really want to hear me whine like Rick Moranis getting waterboarded, check it out.

Written, Directed and Produced by Viktor Aurelius
Featured in the Cast were
Laura Nicole as Dotty
Jeff Niles as The Wizard
Alex Gilmour as Munchy
Caith Donovan as Scarecrow
Viktor Aurelius as Tin Man
Mat Weller as Mr. Lion
Rachel Rumler as GLINDA
Michael Breckenridge as Goon
Matthew Turner as Goon #2
Joel Nisbit as the Flying Monkeys
Gwendolyn Jensen Woodard as the Witch
and Jonithan Patrick Russell as the Policeman
Music by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius
© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2014)

RELEASED: my narration of Way of the Needle on Escape Pod

I didn’t plan to be narrating this one, but the audio I received from the original narrator was unusable, so I rushed to knock tis one out. I’m almost sad to say it because I don’t want to belittle the original narrator’s effort (it really was well done, I just couldn’t use the file), but I’m very proud of how this one came out. It’s probably in my top 5 narrations to date.

The story itself is brilliant — probably the most original sci-fi I’ve heard in a while. I can’t do justice describing it, so either just listen or pop over to the Escape Pod page for the episode and read it until you’re sure it’s something you want to listen to. You’re going to want to. Think: a feudal Japanese story, with all of the characters played by silicon-based alien insects.

RELEASED: Walk-on role on Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Beneath the Planet of the Apes, episode 10

My man Bill Hollweg has some issues when it comes to Planet of the Apes. He’s the kind of fan that writes fan fic to supplement the original story, and he couldn’t be more true to it if he were actually living in that universe. So when he asked me to be “Mutant Guard 1” I didn’t ask any details, I just said “Send me the script,” because I knew it would be well done.

If you’re interested at all, it’s worth going back through the archives to get the whole story. But if you’re on the fence, I think listening to this episode will satisfy you that it’s worth it to dig deeper.

In this episode: In Ape City Ursus has assembled his Gorilla Army for WAR with the MUTANTS… A discovery and it’s implications may well affect All futures and possibly ALL SIMIAN KIND!

It’s the bomb, as the kids said all those years ago.

RELEASED: my reading of Eater of Bone on Escape Pod

Eater of Bone by Robert Reed

Eater of Bone by Robert Reed

Escape Pod has never done a novella that I can recall, but it was a pleasure trying out some super-long-form reading on Robert Reed‘s Eater of Bone. It’s kind of what Planet of the Apes might have been if it followed Nova instead of Taylor, and instead of meeting astronauts recently arrived from the past, Nova met an astronaut that had been there for thousands of years.

Okay, my analogy may be more confusing than the actual plot, so how ’bout you just take my word for it that it’s a good one and you go check out both parts of the four hour audio novella linked here:


PART 2: to release 4/10/2014

RELEASED: Minor role in Victoria! Empress of the Universe

Victoria! Empress of the Universe

Victoria! Empress of the Universe by 4077th Productions

Victor’s at it again, and if you’ve listened to my work in his productions before, you know he does some high-quality audio production. If you haven’t listened before, you need to go back and listen to all of these outstanding episodes. Now. Do it now!

The synopsis for episode 4: The Empty Space Ship…
Massing in the Martian Desert are hundreds of Venusian soldiers having escaped from the wreckage of their Spaceship, Doctor Watson is still trying to deal with the loss of his friend Sherlock Holmes, while in a Canyon below the Martian Palace a forgotten Robot named Clancy will be thrust into a perilous adventure!

Written, Directed and Produced by Viktor Aurelius
Cast in Order of Appearance
 Elie Hirschman as Dr. John Watson
Mat Weller as Lieutenant Booth
Barry Moffett as the Martian Library
Viktor Aurelius as the Military Intelligence Officer
Matthew Turner as Leader X
Lesa Dyer Cross as Queen Xynea
Jeff Niles as Mycroft Holmes
Joel Nisbet as Captain Marcus Bowman
Michael Breckenridge as Commander York
Viktor Aurelius as Lieutenant Fox
Alex Gilmour as Doctor Neville Heath
Bryan Reid as Prince Victor Edward Albert
Chris Scott Marcellus as the Voice of Tyros
Jeff Niles as Sherlock Holmes
Jonithan Patrick Russell as Clancy the Robot
Elie Hirschman as the Venusian Scout
Viktor Aurelius as Admiral Sh’Ka
Rachel Rumler as G-7B
and Matthew Turner as Lord Perrington
Music by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius
© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2014)
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