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I let the goals get away from me for a few weeks…

It happened. I lapsed. I’m not making any excuses. I will say that the lapse was all diet-related, though. The bright spot is that the other goals I have begun are on target. So, with that in mind, it’s time to begin anew. I also need to find a new way to track it because part of the break came from not wanting to annoy people with these updates. Regardless, as of tomorrow, the diet’s back on, and I’m going to be getting the daily exercise I promised myself if it means I get nothing else done in the evening. The new elliptical is about 750 hours of use away from being worth what we paid for it, and I intend to make it pay me back before I am through.


Week 3/52 results

XS track

Back on Track! Image via Wikipedia

  • 0: 2/3 – I lapsed in journaling. Back on track now.
  • 1: 0/3 – Okay, for the third week out of three I weighed in heavy. At least this week saw no more gains. Now that all the holiday celebrations are passed, I have no excuses for not having a stellar weigh in this Sunday. Day one of this week already looks promising with me being only +2 points. Day 2 can be good too, with work in the evening, if I pack a small dinner I should be able to make some headway. To be honest, I started this when I did because the need was immediate and I didn’t want to stall and make it a weak-assed New Year’s resolution thing. The diet part hasn’t been very successful so far, but I’ve been more conscious about it than I would have been otherwise, and I have a jump on going full-bore now.
  • 2: 2/2 – I shaved every day but one weekend day again. I’m calling this one another win.
  • 3: 1/1 – I exercised at least once per day for 20 minutes, most days more. If I can keep it up, good things should be ahead


  • 4: Expand vocabulary – a new word every day with weekly & monthly personal quizzes
    • I’ve become very lazy with my language in recent years. Especially with the kids now, it’s time to get back in the habit of expanding the vocab. Not to mention, it won’t hurt in Scrabble. 😉

297 / 294 / 301 / -7

Week 2/52 results

An example of the large (56 lb) weight used in...

The holiday binge has left me feeling like I have one of these in my lower digestive tract. Image via Wikipedia.


  • 0: 2/2
  • 1: 0/2 – Okay, for the second week out of two I weighed in heavy. The good news is that with the holidays passed, the toughest part of this whole thing is behind me for a while. I’m confident that by the time another holiday arrives to tempt me, I will be deep enough into this to make it easier. I’m not making excuses, just looking forward to success.
  • 2: 1/1 I shaved every day but one this past week and that lapsing day was over the weekend. I’m pretty proud of myself. I knowing seems like a silly self-improvement goal, but I really do hate the bother of it, so it’s not a small obstacle to overcome.


  • 3: 20 minutes of daily exercise. The newish elliptical has been freed from the holiday storage and the treadmill is accessible in the basement now that gifts are not being hidden from children. Between these two facts and the evening dog walk, I don’t foresee a problem. The only issue is in making it daily. Though, if I miss a day, I will allow makeup the next day. 140 minute of total exercise for the week will be considered a win.

297 / 295 / 301 / -3

Week 1/52 Results

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  • 0: 1/1
  • 1: 0/1 – I didn’t lose a pound this week, I actually gained 2, but there are reasons for this and a victory to consider. To be honest, I was more concerned this week that I get back in the habit of journaling what I eat which has historically been the hard part of dieting for me. The good news is that I was successful in journaling. The bad news is that I did nothing to control what I ate, at least not any more than in recent times. What I found was it’s amazing I’m not 486 lbs. I didn’t realize I had been letting it go so bad. So this week, I’m adding to this goal that my daily cap will be set at 32 Weight Watchers points. If I can do that, losing 3 ponds this week will be no big deal. Working against me: Christmas.


  • 2: Daily shaving – Seems easy? Yeah, it probably should be. But, I’m not a fan of shaving, and I honestly expect this to be one of the more difficult goals I set over the next year.

297 / 296 / 299 / -3

#GAINHP: After Dark

another beautiful day in the neighborhood

another beautiful day in the neighborhood

It’s the not eating in the evening thing that’s killing me. I mean, I should get more exercise, but I would say that if you took all human beings with office jobs and sorted them by physical activity level I would fall in the top 35%. But really it’s the evening snacks that shoot it all down the drain. I may have to set a 9 PM alarm on my cell that just says “Don’t eat, jagoff.”

I also should have tread the mill last night and didn’t. At least I’m thinking about it daily now, before it could exit my mind for weeks on end. I may make that an 11 PM event daily so there’s no excuse to not do it if I’m working. I should do it in the morning before I shower, but let’s be realistic…

Anyway, weigh-in’s coming up and I need to shape up or suffer another loss. Think me some motivational thoughts at 11 PM eastern time tonight and hopefully I’ll get my jog on.

#GAINHP: Committing to losing weight

Okay, so I’ve been in on the Scrub Club #GAINHP challenge for four weeks now and haven’t really taken it seriously enough.

This needs to change.

Sunday afternoon I reinstated the basement treadmill to regular service, I’m cutting out the eating late, I’m making an honest attempt to drink more water, and most importantly of all, I’m committing to journal about it here.

I apologize if you don’t want to see this, but I hope you can just ignore the posts in this category. This is how I’m going to keep myself accountable, and that’s pretty key to this whole thing.

Wish me luck. I’ve got about a Cameron Diaz to shave off my body…

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