NARRATION: How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last

My fifth audiobook narration for Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) has hit the Amazon store. It’s a short one I picked specifically so I could fit it in before going on vacation. I’ll be curious to see how How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Last does, because I can imagine that more people might take a chance on a short, inexpensive book. And if that’s true it would mean that I could be doing a lot less work for a lot more return. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t still do longer books. 90% of the short ones are scam books of the kind where the guy promises the key to life 80 times in 45 minutes but never actually gives it to you (for that you have to order his $200 lecture series), and I don’t need to have anything to do with those. But I have to admit that a one week project does have some advantages over the typical 1-month book, so if I can find some of those to do, I will.

As always, I don’t want to comment on the content of the book itself. I have no control over the content other than the ability to refuse the option to produce it, and the way ACX is set up I have to agree to produce it before I get to see the full manuscript. But as far as the narration and production go, I’m pretty proud of this first effort and the new Audio Technica 2020 mic I had to get to replace my dying Blue Spark. I don’t have it 100% dialed in to where I want it yet, but it’s not too bad at all so far.


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