The characters from the Wizard of Oz, all modernized and set in Vegas and produced by the dark genius of The 4077th himself, Viktor Aurelius.

Yeah, you’re curious.

It’s gritty, so be warned. But if you can handle some of the strong stuff and really want to hear me whine like Rick Moranis getting waterboarded, check it out.

Written, Directed and Produced by Viktor Aurelius
Featured in the Cast were
Laura Nicole as Dotty
Jeff Niles as The Wizard
Alex Gilmour as Munchy
Caith Donovan as Scarecrow
Viktor Aurelius as Tin Man
Mat Weller as Mr. Lion
Rachel Rumler as GLINDA
Michael Breckenridge as Goon
Matthew Turner as Goon #2
Joel Nisbit as the Flying Monkeys
Gwendolyn Jensen Woodard as the Witch
and Jonithan Patrick Russell as the Policeman
Music by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius
© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2014)


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