RELEASED: Minor role in Victoria! Empress of the Universe

Victoria! Empress of the Universe

Victoria! Empress of the Universe by 4077th Productions

Victor’s at it again, and if you’ve listened to my work in his productions before, you know he does some high-quality audio production. If you haven’t listened before, you need to go back and listen to all of these outstanding episodes. Now. Do it now!

The synopsis for episode 4: The Empty Space Ship…
Massing in the Martian Desert are hundreds of Venusian soldiers having escaped from the wreckage of their Spaceship, Doctor Watson is still trying to deal with the loss of his friend Sherlock Holmes, while in a Canyon below the Martian Palace a forgotten Robot named Clancy will be thrust into a perilous adventure!

Written, Directed and Produced by Viktor Aurelius
Cast in Order of Appearance
 Elie Hirschman as Dr. John Watson
Mat Weller as Lieutenant Booth
Barry Moffett as the Martian Library
Viktor Aurelius as the Military Intelligence Officer
Matthew Turner as Leader X
Lesa Dyer Cross as Queen Xynea
Jeff Niles as Mycroft Holmes
Joel Nisbet as Captain Marcus Bowman
Michael Breckenridge as Commander York
Viktor Aurelius as Lieutenant Fox
Alex Gilmour as Doctor Neville Heath
Bryan Reid as Prince Victor Edward Albert
Chris Scott Marcellus as the Voice of Tyros
Jeff Niles as Sherlock Holmes
Jonithan Patrick Russell as Clancy the Robot
Elie Hirschman as the Venusian Scout
Viktor Aurelius as Admiral Sh’Ka
Rachel Rumler as G-7B
and Matthew Turner as Lord Perrington
Music by Kevin MacLeod ( )
Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius
© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2014)

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