RELEASED: Escape Pod’s Biographical Fragments of the Life of Julian Prince

Episode 424 of Escape Pod released late because it was a mammoth undertaking. I put a lot of production into this one in the hope of bringing the author’s vision to life. It misses in places, but I think to do much better would have required some adaptation and Escape Pod generally doesn’t do that.

The story is like a fictional scrapbook about a future character that gives voice to the human side of a massively destructive meteorite impact in North America. I attempted to produce it as if it were a lecture being taught at a college. My professor in the lecture was Heather Bowman-Tomlinson, who took this role on a very short term after the person I had initially scheduled backed out. I took the role of the title character, and we were supported by the uber-dependabale Bill Hollweg and Andrea Richardson who responded to my call for a voice actress able to do a French accent. Everybody performed fabulously, and fans will see these folks return as narrators in the future.

Please consider giving the episode a listen here:

And taking the time to leave a comment about it on the Escape Pod forum:


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