RELEASED: Trailer for Planet of the Apes audio drama

Planet of the Apes UK Stage Show audio dramatization

BrokenSea Audio has just released a trailer for their forthcoming audio adaptation of the UK stage show of Planet of the Apes. Producer Bill Hollweg and I have some history working together, so between that and the love I know he has for Planet of the Apes, I’m very excited to be a part of this project. And as I have not yet heard the finished product, I’m very excited for it’s release.

Until then, here’s the trailer: POTAUKStageShowTEASER.mp3


from the BrokenSea Audio website…

BrokenSea Audio, in arrangement with original playwright Mike McCarthy brings you the audio dramatization of Mike McCarthy’s Planet of the Apes UK Stage Show.

The Forbidden Zone is about to get some new visitors. All humans should prepare themselves… because everything on the Planet of the Apes is about to change.

Original Script by Mike McCarthy

Script adapted to Audio by Bill Hollweg

Sound Design and Mixing by Lothar Tuppan

Mathew Weller as Brad Taylor
Chris Sutton as Jeff Brent
Paul Mannering as Urko
Stevie K Farnaby as Orack
Lothar Tuppan as Nero
Gaylin Didur-Tate as the Voice Announcer

Music used with Permission:
Kai Hartwig
Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech


Image borrowed from


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