I’m a Parsec Magnet!

Parsec Awards - Grant's Parsec for Doctor Floyd

Parsec Awards – Grant’s Parsec for Doctor Floyd (Photo credit: Victorian_lady)

I heard the version of Who Goes There that I was lucky to be in was nominated for a Parsec Award this year. So I go over there to look at the list and on the way down I pass an episode of Escape Pod that I produced and then I start thinking, “Well, 2109 should be there too…” and sure enough, it is! Now, I realize that being nominated is completely different than winning, but I must say, I don’t even care about the results, I’m honored to be involved in so many great shows!


3 comments so far

  1. Marshal on

    Congrats, Man!

    • matweller on

      Thanks! I’m most excited about what each of those nominations could mean for those projects. But yes, it’s clear that they’re all getting attention because of me. 😛

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