RELEASED: My narration of Morning Espresso at the Church of Me on Drabblecast

Double Espresso

It ain’t Starbuck’s. (“Double Espresso” photo credit: Wikipedia)

WARNING: This one’s not for everybody. This is a dark episode of a show that specializes in darkness. The theme: cannibalism.

I had the privilege of reading one of three short stories in this episode of Drabblecast, which is run by Norm Sherman, the editor I work with at Escape Pod. It’s a macabre piece that doesn’t wrap up in a happy ending…well, maybe it does for the patrons, but surely not for the “barista.” If you can stomach the content, this is an interesting episode of a show I am growing to like more every time I hear it.

Drabblecast 280 – Trifecta XXV


2 comments so far

  1. anthonyjrapino on

    You did an amazing job with this, thank you!

    • matweller on

      Thank you so much for seeking me out to say so! There is no greater reward for me than to know the author is satisfied with my work.

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