RELEASED: 2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs, episode 7

This is the final prequel episode that sets up the opening scene of the main series which is going into production very soon!

2109: Black Sun Rising

2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs

Episode 7 : Some Things Worse than Death

Pike is being sent where the secret truth about the Azimov  1 mission will never get out. But before he goes, there are a few questions to sort out and a revelation that will lead to Veers having Pike dragged out screaming.

These are all very short episodes, ranging from 8-15 minutes, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. It’s a little pulp sci-fi, a little space opera, and written by two guys who have appeared in Star Trek universe fan fic audio dramas and have a deep love for that original series.

“Some Things Worse Than Death”
Episode 7/7

Setting: INT. Adm. Veers Office. TV is on- Solar NFL and/or other commercials playing-
fade volume down when intercom buzzes. Veers is at his desk doing paperwork, catching up on the “big game” etc etc etc…
SFX: Intercom


VEERS: (drinking coffee, shuffling papers-sets mug down) Go ahead.

VERA: RECEPTIONIST: (Intercom vocal sfx) Captain Pike has arrived.

VEERS: Excellent. Send him in. (gets up walks to coffee maker-door opens as he’s walking back to desk with cup for Pike)

SFX: Intercom shut off. door open. footsteps.

VEERS: Captain! Thank you for agreeing to meet with me before such a long trip. Coffee?

PIKE: Thanks… (walks-sits-drinks-coffee still tastes like military ass…) I make it a point to never refuse a meeting with the man who’s banishing me from civilization. Besides, the two MPs who physically dragged me from my bed to the car were too charming to turn down. (a bit sarcastic) Getting manhandled by your goons actually beats the hell out of the crap pseudo grav. units we had back on the Asimov-1… Still have issues with normal earth gravity….

VEERS: (cordial, as if oblivious to Pike’s sarcasm) I’m very glad to hear that, Captain. (pricks ears up- this is troubling) Still having some issues with equilibrium?

PIKE: (Sips mug) Military grade coffee…the memories… Earth G? No, not what you are thinking… After 2 years in space in that deathtrap, on top of everything else that went on, everything feels a little heavier on ol’ Terra… (pointedly) Course that won’t be any concern of mine for much longer…

VEERS: (clears throat-getting down to business) Allow me to introduce you to an associate of ours, Agent Carlson. (pushes intercom button) Vera-?
VERA: RECEPTIONIST: (Intercom vocal sfx) Yes Admiral?

PIKE: An Agent?

VEERS: Send Mr. Carlson in.

PIKE: A damned spook?

SFX: Door Opens- Carlson walks in.

CARLSON: Yes, Captain. CIA, Galactic Division.

PIKE: The CIA has a “Galactic Division?”

CARLSON: We do now, thanks to you.

PIKE: I see…

VEERS: Grab a coffee and please grab a squat Mike.

CARLSON: Thank you Admiral. (walks across room, gets mug- fills it, walks to chair next to Pike, takes seat– all under Veers next lines etc…)

VEERS: Captain Pike, I wanted to see you before you left. I want you to know that I have nothing but the highest respect for the way you acted on the Azimov-1 mission. You’re a credit to the entire program and your name will be historic.

PIKE: So you’re sending me to Pluto so I can be preserved in ice as a reward?

VEERS: Captain Pike, nobody could have come through what you did without suffering untold damage. It was decided that it was in your best interest for you to be in a place where you could serve out your enlistment with minimal risk of further damage to yourself–

PIKE: You mean to your funding?

VEERS: [very angry] Captain Pike! [pause, then start angry but quiet and slow and build throughout] I’m trying to be cordial here, but yes, I am worried about what will happen to the program if it’s most prominent figure is found out to be a drunk with deep emotional issues and no social grace whatsoever. Frankly, it would be a lot easier and less expensive to have Mr. Carlson’s friends arrange for you to have an accident so everybody could remember you as a hero and I didn’t have to worry about my budget. But I have too much damn respect for you and want to give you a chance to turn it around. Whether you do or whether you die as a bourbon popsicle on that glorified asteroid is up to you. For now, all you have to do is answer a couple questions, then suit up, strap in, and get your ass several billion kilometers away from me.

PIKE: Thank you for speaking so plainly, sir. (sips coffee) Agent Carlson, what can I do for you before I go?

CARLSON: Just a couple questions, Captain Pike, then I’ll be out of your hair. You testified that after the FTL drive on the Azimov-1 exploded, you spotted a small planet and used it’s gravity to boost your speed for your emergency trip home. Is that correct?

PIKE: Yes. To that point we had been traveling over the speed of light for a long time. Even with the slingshot and the bump from blowing the main ship, we were only able to get a little over half that speed for the return. I needed everything I could get.

CARLSON: Did you pick up the planet on sensors?

PIKE: No time for that. The explosion happened, we dropped out of FTL, I saw the planet on the monitor and made the decision. It all happened in a couple minutes and I was more worried about making sure we had everything in order for the return trip than ordering sensor sweeps. Hell we had to jettison the entire engineering section including the engines as you know, leaving us with the main pod… (sips coffee) And not a hell of alot else other than the blackness of space and the nightmare that lay ahead on the return trip…

CARLSON: I can understand that. I just find it curious that you found a planet to slingshot out there in empty space. My understanding is that gravity keeps most of the universe’s mass inside the galaxies.

PIKE: True, but bodies in dark space do exist, and when you compare what we know about the universe with what we don’t, the scale isn’t even close to tilting in our favor.

CARLSON: I concur, Captain Pike, but you misunderstand me. I don’t doubt that you found a planet to slingshot out there, you did return after all. What I’m hazy on is how you saw the planet. There’s no light out there to reflect on it. You couldn’t even see it as a shadow against the background since there’s nothing in the background.

PIKE: But there had to be light…we saw the planet…it wasn’t huge, but it was bigger than Pluto and the whole face was lit as if a star was behind us shining on it…the light was blue-ish, but it was there and…[beat] oh…oh shit…

[at this point Veers off to the side — audible, but underlapping parts of the conversation between the other two — calling for a security escort for Pike to the launch staging area. Pike hasn’t been well recently, and this line of discussion is likely to get him agitated.]
VEERS: (pushes intercom button- commanding) Vera!

VERA: RECEPTIONIST: (Intercom vocal sfx) Admiral?
CARLSON: [with obvious concerned interest] What is it, Captain?

PIKE: I just remembered…as we flew around, I thought. “I need to get a good look at this. We’re the first ones to see it and who knows how long it’ll be before someone else gets out here.” I remember looking at it as we went around thinking something was wrong, but I was too distracted by the rest of the emergency to grasp it. I get it now that you’re asking. If the light shining on it was behind us on our approach, we should have hit the terminating line at 90 degrees and the planet should have been dark until we got around the other side. But I saw it…I saw it the whole way around… The planet wasn’t reflecting blue light…it was radiating it. Oh God…
VEERS: (pushes intercom button- commanding) Get the MP’s in here pronto…

VERA: RECEPTIONIST: (Intercom vocal sfx) Sir?

VEERS: (pushes intercom button- commanding) You heard me!

VERA: RECEPTIONIST: (Intercom vocal sfx) Yes Sir!

CARLSON: Captain?

PIKE: I know why you’re asking me this… You know as well as I do that the there are a limited number of things that could radiate light in deep space, and the most likely are radioactive things and things that have been built by someone… Or something not of this earth–Veers! Dammit! You have to call her back!

VEERS: Pike, you know it’s too late for that!

[Door opens- two MPs enter to escort Pike. Heavy steps]

MP #1 : Admiral!
VEERS: Wait one Sargent.

MP #1 : Yes Sir!
PIKE: GET DANNI BACK! Something’s out there waiting for her! It let us get away, but it may not be so generous to a second ship — CALL HER BACK NOW!

VEERS: Captain, I understand your concern, but we don’t know that what’s out there had anything to do with your ship failing, it may just be a coincidence…

PIKE: Yes, we DON’T know! You have to call off the Azimov 2!

VEERS: (clears throat-indicating that the ADMIRAL is now DONE with this interview) Gentlemen, will you escort Captain Pike to the staging are for his flight?

MP #1 : Yes Sir!

MP #2 : Yes Sir!

PIKE: Don’t do this, Veers! You’re killing her!

MP #1 : (spoken with exertion as he removes struggling PIKE) Come along sir, you heard the Admiral–

PIKE: You’re killing my fiance! UFF!!

MP #1 : (spoken with exertion as he removes struggling PIKE) Captain- ufff! Pike!

MP #2 : (spoken with exertion as he removes struggling PIKE) Stop…. ufff! Struggling… SIR!

PIKE: (struggles-chairs falls-coffee cup breaks) Screw YOU-get yer hands…off… ME! VEERS! VEERS!!! You’re killing Danni and everybody on that ship you murderer! [trailing off as he is dragged from the office-door slams shut]

VEERS: [deep sigh… to the computer] Computer?

COMPUTER: Yes, Admiral?

VEERS: Please forward a message with my authorization to the technicians and medical staff of the flight Captain Pike is to take to Pluto Base.

COMPUTER: Of course, Admiral. The message?

VEERS: Pike is to be secured, prepped and on that rocket by any means necessary. If they have to sedate him and dress him in his flight suit, that’s fine. But he is to be on that rocket and it is to leave on schedule unless God himself reaches down and holds it on the launch pad while the boosters burn. Am I clear?

COMPUTER: Very clear, Admiral.

VEERS: Then send the message.

COMPUTER: Yes, Admiral.

VEERS: I trust you got what you needed, Agent Carlson. Perhaps once Pike is on Pluto and settled, you can forward any follow up to him he may or may not answer, (scoots chair back- stands up) but I really don’t think there’s much more to get from him anyway.

SFX: [CARLSON stands to leave]

CARLSON: No, I don’t think he has much more for me either. He confirmed what we feared, now we’ll have to figure out what it means for our long term plans.

SFX: [Carlson walks to door- door opens]

VEERS: <walks to coffee maker while talking> Just don’t jump the gun. (stops-sets cup down-fills coffee) The most likely explanation is still just a huge, (sips coffee) radioactive rock.

CARLSON: True, but you have to admit it’s very curious, Admiral.

VEERS: (walks back to desk) Yes…yes it is.

SFX: Door Closes…
VEERS: (sits) Shit… (sips coffee-turns on TV) Maybe the Maulers are whipping the Valkeries…Anything to take my mind off this… <sips coffee>


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