RELEASED: 2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs, episode 5

2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs

Episode 5 : Cursed to Live
Even with more food available than originally thought, reserves are tight and long hours on little food is taking it’s toll on the Azimov-1’s crew. When they started home, there was almost no chance of survival. Now there’s a chance, but it’s not a good one.

These are all very short episodes, ranging from 8-15 minutes, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. It’s a little pulp sci-fi, a little space opera, and written by two guys who have appeared in Star Trek universe fan fic audio dramas and have a deep love for that original series.

“Cursed to Live”
Episode 5/7
Computer: Log is open,  captain.

PIKE (exasperated and clinging to the edge of life-pause alot in the delivery…breath deep as if Oxygen running out etc..):
Captain Pike…Still….Alive… This will be my final entry. The seven of us left are too weak to move much. Stevens has moved so little in the past three days that I wouldn’t even know he’s alive, except that if I stare at him long enough I can see his chest rise and fall. Faintly. Though that could be all in my head.

I’ve been hallucinating. We all have. I swear I saw a bigger version of our ship pass us in the other direction as we entered the solar system. At least the control panel says we are in our solar system, but it also flashes a message from Terra Command that they are sending help and I trust neither vision. I also saw Danni look out the bridge window of the passing ship and smile and wave as we passed… right before their FTL spooled up and they disappeared. Even if my eyes are right about the control panel, I’m not sure help could reach us in time…

Who knows? Point is, we’re on the edge. Supplies are gone. Life support is failing. Even the hope that has been feeding our wills in moments of consciousness is nearly used up. In short…SNAFU… Or  in civilian speak: Situation Normal, all <coughs covering the f-bomb> up…

Tell Danni…. That’s Captain Danni Byrde… My fiance…. <chokes up?> that she’s the only thing that mattered in the end. She… She needs to bail at the end of her enlistment, go to Earth, find a nice non-military guy, and settle down to have lots of kids. Forget…. About …me…

Is that Uranus? Man, I am really gone.

Anyway, that’s all. I want a bath. I wonder if my dog is still alive.

[fade out to unintelligable muttering]


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  1. Bill Hollweg on

    Thanks again for joining the fun and breathing life into this my friend!

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  3. […] RELEASED: 2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs, episode 5 ( […]

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