RELEASED: 2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs, episode 4

This is it. This is the episode I have been waiting for to promo this show to everybody. The first three establish it, and this is where it gets weird! I would love if you would listen to everything up to this point and let me know what you think. Then, if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled for new episodes every month. It’s all-original pulp sci-fi with a high production value — for FREE!

2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs

Episode 4 : Sacrifices
The Azimov 1 is hobbling home across the galaxy. Food reserves are waning. Tensions are high. It’s enough to put the closest of relationships to the test.

These are all very short episodes, ranging from 8-15 minutes, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. It’s a little pulp sci-fi, a little space opera, and written by two guys who have appeared in Star Trek universe fan fic audio dramas and have a deep love for that original series.

NOTE: This episode mentions the names Terraforming Specialist (Mur) Lafferty and Ensign (J.C.) Hutchins. Both are in tribute to favorite new media artists of mine. I HIGHLY recommend getting a free/pay-what-you-can taste of them at

Episode 4/7PIKE: <stressed> Computer, Begin the damned captain’s log!COMPUTER: Log is open,  captain.

PIKE: <deep breath> I should go on record and say that Mario Ricci and I were good friends. We knew each other before he enlisted. We were social together outside of our duties. Hell, I almost dated the girl that eventually became his first wife. So, I guess you could say in retrospect that he’s taken at least one bullet for me. <chuckles at the memory and a joke shared between friends> I helped him advance his career where I could — though let me be clear, all of it was deserved; he has always been outstanding at his job — and he has returned the favor by helping me in countless other ways. It’s important that I note this because my love for this man needs to be taken into account when we debrief about this failure of a mission and it comes time to discuss when… When I… When I killed him.

It- <deep breath> It seems like eons ago, but it’s actually been about 2 months since Mario stopped taking his food ration. I fully believed at the time — and still do, really — that he was trying to conserve supplies for his crewmates that were not faring as well healthwise. I believe that’s why he started doing it, started eating pieces of Engineer Melznick who died in the event that destroyed the FTL. The SAME event, that we still have NO IDEA as to it’s cause, that led to this nightmare… But I digress… <coughs- not wanting to go on> Anyway…Mario was…Eating the deceased… Engineer Melznick…. <clears throat> And as the body had been kept in a supply closet that was allowed to get very cold to conserve life support and minimize decay, nobody noticed that that Mario had been sneaking in there and sawing off pieces to <deep breath> consume. Though his refusal of rations was suspicious and I advised him against it, he didn’t seem worse for the sacrifice and he, like me, could afford to lose a couple extra pounds anyway. I didn’t press the issue. Frankly, I was thankful for any extension the saving of rations would give us.

<takes a sip of coffee- deep breath-continues>

Then he attacked Ensign Hutchins. Like a not-quite-domesticated pet allowed to eat too much meat, he got more hostile recently until an argument with Hutchins led to a physical fight that ended with him on top of the unconscious ensign. <as he says these next couple paragraphs- Pike starts to lose it- and relive it- blood pumping etc> I had come to the room late, saw him on top and went to pull him of when his head dropped to Hutchins’s neck and he bit out a chunk big enough to take a gash out of the carotid. He turned and stared at me wild-eyed with blood running down his chin and my adrenalin shot through the roof. I hauled off and cold cocked that S.O.B. with a right hook that physically lifted him off the body and sent him sprawling. My friend…Mario… turned Cannibal S.O.B. Jesus…

<takes a sip of coffee- deep breath-continues>

I looked back at Hutchins on the floor long enough to see the blood pump weakly twice. I knew we weren’t going to be able to get him back. I swung my head back the other way ready for another attack and saw my friend lying against the bulkhead with his head cocked at an unusual angle. There was already a pool of blood spreading around his shoulders. When he flew to the wall, he’d apparently hit the head of a rivet and smashed his skull open. <pause> The rivet was the only thing red on the wall, <pause> like a warning light over the body.

My adrenaline was still peaked. I stood between the bodies of my crewmates and shook like an enraged ape. I struggled to take in what it all meant. I dropped to my knees and cried. Wailed, really. I beat the shit out of Mario’s dead bloody flesh eatin’ face for what seemed an eternity… My friend… I wailed on him till I broke my right hand… And the nightmare of what I found Mario doing in the closet… Still… Persists… When and if I ever do sleep these days… Or is it nights… shit…

<deep breath>

<back to military bearing> Now there are three bodies in the closet. We quickly figured out what had been going on when we went to put the other two in there. There wasn’t much left of Engineer Melznick. The head, neck and shoulders were intact, but because the body had been frozen and Ricci had to saw off pieces at a time, there wasn’t even bone below. I shudder to think of finding those, but most likely they were vented from the lavatory waste tanks. And now it’s all just… Another report… A report of the doomed and the…damned…

<takes a sip of coffee- deep breath-continues>

The sight of the scene sent Terraforming Specialist Lafferty into a raving fit and we had to restrain her. She hasn’t recovered. I’ve got at least two others — Thompson and Shields — that I’m keeping an eye on. They’re close enough to the edge that I’m certain that the remaining four of us will have to restrain them too within a week. I may raid the medical supplies and see if I can gather what I need to induce chemical comas in those three for the protection of all and to save even more rations. Shit- I could use a 60’s acid trip right about now…

If there’s any good side of this, it’s that being down two crewmen means our supplies should last well into the home solar system. <deep breath-sarcastic and dark> Lucky us…

Scratch that. There’s no good side to any of this. I’m heartsick. I’m homesick. And I’m pretty sure my stomach is starting to absorb the organs around it for food.

Goddamnit, Mario! <fade out to Pike sighing and weeping>

Computer: Captain, are you–?

PIKE Kill the…damned log…

Computer: Yes Captain… Log complete.


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  1. Bill Hollweg on

    Thanks a million for being a scribe, VA and a part of the fun my friend!

    • matweller on

      It’s an honor to work with/for you, sir.

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  4. […] RELEASED: 2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs, episode 4 ( […]

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