RELEASED: 2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs, episode 3

This is the third of seven prequels for 2109 which I co-wrote and voice acted. I’m practically vibrating with anticipation — this is all build-up to episodes 4 & 5. 6 is the denouement and 7 is the epilogue. Then we’re ready for the real story [stories] to begin!

pssst! – rumor has it we may not have to wait a whole month for episode 4, so stay tuned!

How often do you get all-original pulp sci-fi with a high production value — for FREE! — that you can listen to on your commute? And three episodes in the can is a great place to jump in and then pucker up for next month. It’s a win all around!

Also, have a look at the previous episode postings if you want a look at the original script. Since there’s nothing to hide at this point, I figure I’ll post them and going forward I’ll keep posting them a month behind. You may have no use for them, but some people like the extra info, and it’ll give you a point of reference if I mumbled something too incoherently to figure out.

I get to captain a spaceship, this is gonna rock!

2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs

Episode 3: The Trip Begins Again
One gravity slingshot and an explosive push later, the crew of the Azimov 1 settles in for the long ride home. The VERY long ride home.

These are all very short episodes, ranging from 8-15 minutes, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. It’s a little pulp sci-fi, a little space opera, and written by two guys who have appeared in Star Trek universe fan fic audio dramas and have a deep love for that original series.

“The Trip Begins. Again.”
Episode 3/7PIKE: Begin captain’s log.

Computer: Log is open,  captain.

PIKE: We survived. You will note from my previous log that I took full responsibility for scuttling the ship in an attempt to give us an extra speed boost for the trip home. I half expected that to result in a posthumous dishonorable discharge and desecration of my corpse for killing my crew in a reckless maneuver. <chuckles darkly> Seeing as I am currently still recording ships logs <beat> we’ve survived and that should not be necessary. Lucky us…  <pointedly- almost sarcastic> Therefore I will instead expect a posthumous medal of honor for a brave act that worked. <deep breath- continues- more military> We all know it’s usually luck that determines the difference.

I say posthumous medal because while our present course and speed predict probable rescue in 2 years, 3 months and 11 days, conservative supply estimates predict us to run out about 4 months sooner. While crewman Ricci joked about eating the bodies of those who die first to make up the difference, I not-at-all-jokingly suggested he immediately adjust his sense of humor. Still…

<sips coffee>

Regardless, the crew morale remains high overall. They are following my orders of supply conservation to the letter. We are all resolved to hold out as long as possible and hope for the best, <coughs derisvely> my earlier comment about a posthumous medal notwithstanding.

I will attempt to document the coming days as much as possible, though if all goes well, I hope to have very little to report.

This is Captain Dyllan Pike. Computer… End log.

Computer: Of course captain.


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