RELEASED: 2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs, episode 2

This is the second of seven prequels for 2109 which I co-wrote and voice acted, and it’s all I can do to not share them all right now because I’m so proud of how they came out.

I get to captain a spaceship, this is gonna rock!

2109: Black Sun Rising, the prequel logs

Episode 2: A Change of Plans
Good leaders have the knowledge necessary to keep things moving in the right direction. Great leaders have solid instincts and the ability to foster unwavering loyalty in their subordinates so that when troubles arise, the group pulls together and sails through. In this episode, troubles arise and Captain Dyllan Pike’s mettle is put to the test.

See the bottom of this post for the episode script

These are all very short episodes, ranging from 8-15 minutes, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. It’s a little pulp sci-fi, a little space opera, and written by two guys who have appeared in Star Trek universe fan fic audio dramas and have a deep love for that original series.

NOTE: Ensign Hutchins in this episode is named in tribute to one of my favorite new media sci-fi authors J.C. Hutchins. PLEASE check out his work on a free/pay-what-you-can basis on and on his website

“A Change of Plans”
Episode 2/7PIKE: …and add a copy of everything happening on the bridge to my personal log until I tell you to stop. I have a feeling that if we live through this, I’m going to need a complete record for whatever kind of hearing is held.

COMPUTER: Yes, Captain.

PIKE: captain’s log. We’ve just suffered some kind of hull breach in our engineering section that has put our FTL drive out of service. While thankfully we have suffered only one casualty, it is regrettably Chief Engineer Melznick and the man I sent to survey the situation, Bioengineer Thompson, says it is an irreparable mess. One interesting thing…

Ensign Hutchins! Adjust course to just left of that planet ahead. Say 223 point 7 as the crow flies…


PIKE: …one interesting thing is he reports no foreign matter in the engine room which suggests that what hit us was more like a focused blast of energy, though that would suggest a weapon of some sort and I can’t even imagine what kind of technology it would take to target something moving at the speed of light, and we haven’t seen anything since we dropped out of FTL to suggest a responsible hostile party.

(away from the log) Okay ensign, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to take what speed we have left and slingshot that planet with it just like every trainee does a hundred times on the simulator before he or she graduates.

ENSIGN HUTCHINS: Yes, Captain. Plotting course now.

PIKE: Now, give me the 1MC. <1MC is intercom in navy speak <adding military jargon/color>-hence me leaving the term intercom in on the next set of lines>

ENSIGN HUTCHINS: Intercom on, Captain.

PIKE: This is Captain Dyllan Pike speaking. Our FTL is disabled permanently. So kiddies… We’re going to attempt a return trip home. All personnel are to gather all of the food and medical supplies they can carry and report to the lifeboat portion of the ship immediately to secure themselves for a rough ride. You have eight minutes to comply or risk being left behind. Thompson, seal Mr. Melznick’s remains in a body bag and velcro the bag to the ceiling in the galley until we can make more appropriate arrangements. That is all.

Ensign, when we come out the other side pointed homeward, I want you to use the directional thrusters to rotate us so that when the lifeboat detaches it’s pointed toward our solar system <aside> whether we get there or not…. Then I want you to separate us from the main body of the ship with all the thrust we have minus twenty minutes worth of burn so we can maneuver on the trip back if we have to. Got that.

ENSIGN HUTCHINS: <tense> Yes captain.

PIKE: When we’re two miles from the ship’s main body, I want you to detonate the auto destruct aboard it.

ENSIGN HUTCHINS: <showing some shock through his military bearing> Captain?

PIKE: It’s okay. The hull of the lifeboat’s built to take it, and we need every ounce of push we can muster for the long trip home. Besides, if we were attacked, I’d rather not leave anything behind for anyone to salvage.

ENSIGN HUTCHINS: <tense> Yes sir!

PIKE: One final thing.

ENSIGN HUTCHINS: <turns off computer terminal, starts to get up- stops> Sir?

PIKE: If you pray, this is a worthy occasion.


Computer: Yes captain?

PIKE: Please note the orders I have given the ensign and make sure Terra Command hears that they came from me and <deep breath-stern> I assume all responsibility.

Computer: Of course captain.

PIKE: <to himself> Shit… I hope this works….

Computer: Captain?

PIKE: : End Log- NOW.

Computer: Of course captain.


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  1. Bill Hollweg on

    Seriously appreciate the kind words Capt. Pike! Brilliant scripting and Voice acting my friend!


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