TPP needs to be flushed

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Remember when they tried to SOPA and PIPA and we fought back because it was going to end net neutrality and make it possible to fine people for doing heinous criminal acts like “linking to things”? Remember how the lawmakers said “Oh, you smarties! We’ll never try to rail you like that again because your opinions matter to us!”

Yeah, well, they’re trying to do it again, but this time they’re wrapping it in an agreement that’s like NAFTA (Remember how well that worked out? How well it’s still working out?) but for China so they can crush the economy at the same time they make Words With Friends a felony offense…

Seriously, this is not cool. Our leadership has to pay back the money they took from China to fund a war we didn’t want that kept us in dire economic straits. This sure looks like they think the best way to do that is to economically trade places with China and lock up internet rights to boot. I’m not telling you what to think, I’m asking you to look into it and tell your congressmen what you think. Or vote for Kodos.

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement | Electronic Frontier Foundation.


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