Mental Illness Happy Hour — Sounds like something I should be involved with, right?

Paul Gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin

I’m a long-time subscriber to Marc Maron‘s podcast WTF. As a fan of comedy, I was aware of him on the 90s. Funny though, he was never really in the front of my mind until the late 90s when one of the first Internet radio shows — Dan & Scott — made him a regular topic because Scott Wirkis was accidentally stalking Maron in the NYC subway. So years later when I found out he had a podcast, I subscribed without thinking and he’s had me hooked since.

Several episodes back, Maron interviewed Paul Gilmartin who is probably most widely known as the “Dinner and a Movie” guy. Paul occupies that same special place in my mind that Gilbert Gottfried always did for hosting “Up All Night” and in both cases, it’s always cool to hear when they’re doing well. In the interview, Paul’s podcast, The Mental Illness Happy Hour, was mentioned and I went over to check it out.

Mental Illness Happy Hour

Mental Illness Happy Hour hosted by Paul Gilmartin

While I’m generally suspicious that comedian podcasts tend to be largely the same kind of thing where a group of comedians are discussing general pop culture topics and aren’t interesting unless you have a particular interest in that comedian, Paul’s cast is something of a different ilk. Comedians and mental issues tend to go together like tuna and mayo, but I’d never come across a podcast that focused on them from standpoint that focuses on and commiserates about those issues and how they apply to the host and guests as normal people. WTF does it as a part of the discussions within, but MIHH makes it the main focus.

Gilmartin’s open, self-deprecating style drew me in and got me involved. I found it intriguing and became a subscriber despite a personal lack of mental issues. He’s not at all consumed with his own celebrity, he doesn’t assume to be able to cure people, he’s just a regular guy who wants to use his experience to make other people’s lives better, and how can that be bad?

So when he put out a call to help him do some audio editing, I jumped at the chance. Long story short, I’m now semi-managing a group of people cutting audio clips for Paul. He’s been a pleasure to work with, a ferocious Words With Friends opponent, and to any who would ask I’d be happy to attest to Paul being a swell dude.

Please check out The Mental Illness Happy Hour. If it’s not your cup of tea, no harm done. If you dig it, become a subscriber. And if you want to help a brother out, share it around and give it a good rating on iTunes.

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