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Fantasy Football Fest 2012, a set on Flickr.

It was a great treat to spend the day with Jason Knize and Jose Guzman — a.k.a. Eleventh Hour Studio; a.k.a. The Guys That Let Me Voice 2 Commercials That Have Been/Will Be Played In America’s Biggest TV Market (– at Fantasy Football Fest in Atlantic City this past weekend. It was also a pleasure to see and meet the folks at Reed Pop entertainment that put on the show. It was a successful first year for this one, and I expect they can look forward to many more.

Side note — it was pretty unnerving to pass so close to friggin’ Siragusa so many times, but I’m happy to report that at no point did either of us touch the other, AND I managed not to mumble anything inappropriate around him. There’s a chance that if I didn’t hate him so much from his playing days, and if none of those days had been in Baltimore, I might not find him so repulsive.

Side note 2 — Sondra Fortunado showed up for the second half of the day and couldn’t get any attention from anybody. It was pretty cool to watch NJ’s version of the “town drunk” try so hard to work her…um…’magic.’

Since my first Telnet chat *cough18cough* years ago, I’ve thought the coolest thing about the ‘net is the ability to interact with people you never would have met otherwise. One of the saddest things is how hard it can be to actually meet those people in real life if you do hit it off. This was one of those great rare occasions when I have been able to do that, and I hope to again at another con or meetup.


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