I know it’s silly, but my dislike for the Olympics was born in a time when there were only three channels on the television and Olympic coverage meant three weeks of missing all of the best shows on t.v. so we could have exhausted half coverage of obscure sports we had never hear of before. Not being a sports-oriented person or a person who bases success on a comparison with anyone else (it’s not fair to say I’m not competitive, I just only seek to constantly outdo myself), I really only care about sports for more than 10 minutes if I am in them or they are happening directly in front of me.

That being said, hearing the phrase “Russian Women’s Beach Volleyball Team” this morning made me smile from ear-to-ear.

Russian ladies ballin’. Image borrowed from


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  1. spsjuggalo on

    I’m oddly trying to give it a chance this year. Probably more as a tech nut, seeing the crazy stuff in the opening ceremony and playing with the apps.

    • matweller on

      I do have to admit that what I saw over the laptop’s screen while watching the s6 finale of Dexter looked pretty cool. All things being equal, though, if someone gave me the choice to be there or at The Point all day on July 4th concluding with Zambelli fireworks, I’d take the ‘Burgh every time.

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