Lilith's Children, episode 8

Lilith's Children, episode 8 "The God Complex"

I saw a casting call come through a while ago for someone with a deep, gritty voice needed to replace a regular cast member in an established show. I can do deep and gritty, so I chucked my hat in the ring to see what would come of it.

After some tweaking and a bit of back-and-forth with the producer, Viktor Aurelius, what came of it was me taking the role of Teddy in Lilith’s Children. True, demons and Fantasy stories aren’t usually my thing, but it was a chance to do a role with a different voice and work with a new production group and I like making new contacts in this game.

So now I’m Teddy, a sarcastic, lascivious trog. You’ll have to listen to the back episodes to fully understand the situation and when you hear the original Teddy, you’ll appreciate more the size of the shoes I needed to fill. I won’t say I have filled them, but I hope I haven’t done the role any shame.

Check it out and let me know.


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