My inner nerd is peeing his pants with glee!

Welcome to the Equinox!

…really, it was just my inner nerd. I’m just wet there from leaning on the bathroom counter. No, really.

Forget that. Much more important is the reason why I’m all fired up. Don’t tell the men in charge that I’m sharing secret documents, but I just received an email from Star Fleet —

Greetings Mat!

It is my pleasure to offer you the role of Crewman Noah Lessing in “Star Trek: Equinox”. Please reply to this message to confirm your acceptance.

Production will begin after Christmas, and you will receive your copy of the script at that time.

Thank you for joining us, and welcome aboard the Equinox! 

Camren T. Burton
Co-Creator / Co-Executive Producer – Star Trek: Equinox
Not impressed? You hate audio dramas? All fanfics are lame? Stop making fun of me mom! I’m gonna be somebody! Just kidding. Seriously, I know some of you folks may not be as much into the audio drama stuff or fanfics or Star Trek, but I’m a big fan of all of the above and I am very excited to be in on this — especially since Hidden Frontier has a long history of doing honor to the original franchise.
This story centers around a ship from what is regarded by many to be the best episode of Star Trek: Voyager. It’s a research ship, and it’s small, which has me thinking that encounters are going to have to be a lot more nuanced ventures than they would be if you were in a Galaxy Class starship like the Enterprise. Point is, it’s exciting, it’s intriguing, and I hope you’ll check it out when it debuts to hear my brilliant “Aye, Captain!” if nothing else.
That’s fine, but I want to see a fan film teaser trailer you say? Done.

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  2. matweller on

    Thanks! I watched the Voyager episodes last night for reference of my character, and now I’ve got a Voyager book on my Amazon wishlist and three episodes of DS9 to watch on Netflix for the other two characters I’m doing in the first episode. I’m giddy like a school girl!

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