Random Love

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"The Memorandum" by Random & Mr. Miranda

This may be the best indie hip hop album I’ve heard this year, and I listen to a lot of them. It’s no secret I have man-love for Random, but knowing that won’t let you deny that this album album stands out in every category. The production is top-notch, the lyrics and voice are spiced with the smoothness and skill you only win with years of honing your talent, and the crafting of the album itself was obviously designed by someone who understands how to take a listener on a journey.

Don’t take my word for it — preview the whole thing on BandCamp for free, and fall in love with it so much that you go out and buy it with the quickness. http://megaranmusic.com/album/random-and-mr-miranda-the-memorandum

No joke: I’m off to get it now.


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