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While on vacation, I received a request from HG World to audition for one of their upcoming shorts, which is a huge honor in my opinion. I just sent the auditions for four roles. Hopefully this could lead to future appearances on that awesome show.

I also got word that I have landed a role in the upcoming Out of Time which will be produced by Nother (see the links in the side bar). They describe it thusly:

There is something strange about the classroom in the attic of the school. People can be seen wandering – seemingly lost – from around the door to the attic, but only by one. One student can sense them and she wants to know what is behind that door.

Out of Time is the story of a house, one that floats through different times and spaces. One of the places to access it is from an attic door in a high school. Sasha decides to enter the door and is taken on a journey through her own time both in the past and in the future as she tries to get back to her present and stop newly-discovered tragedy from happening.

UPDATE – 12 August 2011: The lines for Out of Time have been sent to Nother and that production is in process now.

A lot of time lapsed between this and hearing from the HG World crew, but I just heard from them today, which renewed my excitement that I may have a chance to get in on this awesome show. They’ve asked me to read for another part. This guy’s a soldier with a gamer complex and a tendency to sing…I almost feel like this part was written specifically for me. I’ll record the audition tonight. I hope the editors are ready for what they’ve brought on themselves here… 😉


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