QFT: Rich Folks — Be Rich Forever!

Lee Camp explains what the wealthy can do to guarantee permanent wealth.

Lee Camp’s rant here is the perfect expression of why I don’t get the way our government acts. The commoners aren’t asking for more than what we have, we ‘re asking to not have to give everything we can muster and then get ramrodded for more just because some idiot in a high place thinks quarterly triple-digit percentage increases to his stock portfolio are not enough.

We’re humble. We’ll keep having fund raisers for charities that wouldn’t be necessary if you paid your taxes. We’ll keep paying for communications systems built with our tax dollars and then given away. We’ll sit idly by while you make our tap water flammable so you can harvest natural gas from our land which you will then turn back around and sell to us for a hefty profit. For now. But if you don’t keep squeezing the rock for one more drop of blood, it is going to shatter and the shards will cut deep.

Don’t be idiots. How did your parents get to be so wealthy if they were as moronic as you? You have to have someone to sell to. We are they. Take all of our money away, and you drive us to become a 3rd World Country and some upstart from overseas will take over and do to us what you’ve been doing to them for most of a century. And do you know what they do to ignorant rich people when those kinds of power shifts come?



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