A new gig with a flamethrower!

Originally Published 6.1.2011

The Thing from Another World

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I’ve been chucking out auditions all over the place for various audio drama productions at a rate fast enough that I can’t remember many of them. But when the casting call came out for Who Goes There – an audio adaptation of John W. Campbell‘s “Who Goes There”, the basis for the 1951 movie “The Thing From Another World” and the 1982 movie “The Thing” — I got a little extra excited because it had already cast Jake Bible (see Dead Mech in my ‘Free Time’ section), and I am quite fond of his work. I just found out that I have been cast in this production, and while I’m yet to read a full script, I get the feeling it’s a semi-major character and one of the lines I read for the audition said I got a flame thrower — so how could it be anything other than a win?

More news on this as it develops, I just had to share since it was giving me pretty hefty geek-shivers.

UPDATE: First, I should clarify for the picture below, I was only listening to the stream, not watching movies at work. Second, I have to admit that “geek-shivers” was not intended to be a pun, but it ended up being one when considering the setting of the story. Third, I’m happy to report that in the movie, the character with the same name as mine, Childs, is actually one of two that lives to the end. This doesn’t necessarily mean my Childs will in this adaptation, but here’s hoping! 😉

"studying" for the role at work, thanks to Netflix streaming

UPDATE 2: I just got my script in today and it’s fair to say that I am VERY excited. I may not have the lead, but I my character gets to live all the way to the end, and this may be the most lines I’ve had (even in productions where I’ve had the lead) and the longest single script I have done to date. Keep an eye out, this is going to be a fun one!


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