RECORDING – In the Line of Duty (2nd callback)

Implosion Nuclear weapon fr

In the Line of Duty is an upcoming audio drama about a modern day nuclear hijack. Image via Wikipedia

I got another callback for In the Line of Duty which makes me feel good on two counts. One, I’m feeling good about my chances of getting a part. Two, I’m encouraged that someone taking so much time to make sure voices go together the way they envision suggests the final production will be top-notch. I’ll update on what happens with that ASAP.

I also edited my next reading for Escape Pod which will be out on Thursday. I’ll link here when that happens, no fear. Sneak preview: it’s an intriguing take on the post alien invasion world by Vylar Kaftan. Think District 9, but with the humans being cared for by the aliens after they make a successful takeover.

I’m also knocking out some retakes on Fixing a Whole, for which I will be very excited to hear finished product. Then it’s off to bed to start the work week right tomorrow. It was a fun weekend of pool and barbeque, now it’s back to life, back to reality.


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