By Sunday, money’s going to be useless…

…so there’s no reason not to donate every penny you have left to my Relay for Life campaign!

Seriously, why are these people getting so much press for this apocalyptic prediction? I mean, 39 Heaven’s Gate folk committed mass suicide and I’m going go ahead and say that’s the benchmark. Until some new group kills off at least 40 of its members in the name of the coming end, I say we give them zero news time.

If you buy into it, though, I’m asking you to put your money where your mouth is – donate all of your money to my Relay for Life campaign so that those left behind can get some relief from cancer. Just go to and drain your bank account at the DONATE button.

Or, if you need another reason to donate, don’t worry. I’ll dance for you. I have committed to walking a marathon — that’s a full 26 miles — throughout the course of the evening. As short as my stride is, my average walking speed is 3 – 3.5 miles per hour, which means this is going to take a LONG time. I fully admit that people run marathons all the time, it’s not impossible by any means, but I’m having trouble grasping that this is going to be 7-8 hours. I don’t do ANYTHING for 8 hours. I have trouble sitting in place long enough to watch a long movie or a football game. I just don’t know…can’t gasp it. While I’m doing this, I plan to do at least hourly check-ins via video, so be sure to look into my YouTube channel and see my decline.

man…it’s 26 hours away…I’m a little scared…of the walk, not the apocalypse. After the walk I may actually welcome the apocalypse. Did I mention I have to leave by 7AM so I can take my daughter to swim class? Yeah, it’s going to be an interesting weekend.

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