IDEA: Indy Theater


Image by annais via Flickr

DISCLAIMER: I post ideas here as they come to me with the thought that somebody else may see them and express an interest in developing them or working with me to develop them. Of course, there’s nothing to keep you from going off and developing an idea on your own, but you should know that this blog tracks the times and dates of my posts and updates to them, which could be considered my copyright. All I ask is that if you like an idea you read about on my site and you want to pursue it, you make an effort to include me in the development as much as I want to be –which may be not at all. If I had time to develop every idea that came to me, I would do so instead of posting them here. 😉

CONCEPT: A movie streaming site, with all he features and capabilities of Netflix Streaming with mainly low-budget and independent films in it’s repertoire. The idea would be to give a globally recognizable venue for movies that cannot get into theaters. With the way home entertainment technologies are moving, it may not be long before being in the right place online pays better than the theater anyway, and easily better than straight-to-DVD.

USER (filmmaker): Film makers would create accounts for themselves that would allow them to post their movies as well as create a profile page for their production companies. The movies would be available to stream for free, but audience members would be asked to rate the movies with donations of $1 to $5 depending on how much they enjoyed them. The audience would also be invited to rate the fils on criteria like script quality, cinematography, subject matter, etc. The profile pages would also have donation buttons so that audience members could donate to support future productions.

USER (audience): The audience would be able to see streaming movies made by indies for free. They could then donate to the movies based on their enjoyment of the work in the categories listed above. They would also be able to donate to the producers to encourage future ventures. Audience members would be able to see the average rating a movie has received as well as the total amount of money it has brought in. This would also encourage them to vote with their dollars if they think the rating is too high or not high enough.

REVENUE: The site would take a percentage of all the money brought in, not to exceed 30%. This would go to administrative costs. The goal would be to give most of the money straight back to the producers, though, so they could profit directly from their work.


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