A sigh of relief

Osama bin Laden is dead.
I hope this means closure for the families of the 9/11/2001 victims and the soldiers who have fought since.
I hope this means the war is over.
I hope this means the world is safer.
I hope this means we can afford some of our money and attention for our children and elderly.


7:30 AM

While I was drowsing awake this morning, I saw that bin Laden had been killed. I watch the TV while eating breakfast and making my lunch. I want to be happy, but I’m not a vengeful person and I’m afraid that the war we’ve been waging in several countries for the past decade has made my family less safe. In a somewhat humorous side note, there was a bomb threat in the main parking garage in Lancaster that has kept my wife from going to work. The TV news couldn’t help suggesting the possibility of it being related to the bin Laden assassination. I can’t help but laugh openly at that. I somehow doubt Lancaster is the next target on the Al Qaeda list…

FROM: http://tinyurl.com/6h63vah

Check of Lancaster parking garage turns up no bomb LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) — Lancaster City Police say an initial sweep of a Lancaster parking garage did not turn up evidence of a bomb, and the downtown area may soon be reopened.

Lt. Todd Umstead said the explosive ordinance division of the state police did not locate any immediate threat during its check of the area Monday morning.

City police are asking the public to avoid the city until the situation is resolved. An anonymous caller reported a possible explosive device in the Prince Street garage at 3 a.m. Monday.

If a secondary search with K-9 dogs is also negative, Umstead says the area will be reopened.

8:05 AM

I pass Redner’s on my way to work and there is a guy dressed in a military uniform standing on the corner with an American flag held over his head. As I’m stopped at the light, I see some lady come out of the station and walk over to the guy and give him a pat on the back before going to her car. One man’s joyful demonstration in the middle of nowhere. It’s sweet, really. I honk as I go by and he gives me a thumbs-up.

9:50 AM

It’s quiet at work today. More than usual. There’s no talk of bin Laden echoing through the hallways. Maybe they’re chatting about it behind closed doors, it just seems weird to not hear people speaking of a historic event like this. Don’t we know how to react after being at war for so long? Are we too tense to celebrate? Or are there just a lot of meetings on Monday morning and I’m sensing silence that is totally typical? I’m still nervous. Maybe no more coffee. This isn’t an event that should pass in nervousness.

11:30 AM

Finally, I say to one of my coworkers that I find it odd that nobody’s really talking about the whole thing and we talk about it a little. It quickly devolves into jokes, and though it may be inappropriate, it helps me shake the nerves. We think it’s especially amusing that 10 years of war have led to us discovering him in a mansion in the middle of a city rather than covertly hiding in any cave. “They never would have found him if the soldiers hadn’t gone to the country club to use the pool on their day off from the war…’excuse me sir, can you hand me that towel? +GASP+ IT’S YOU!'”

2:15 PM

I just want to get home and see what’s new about all this on the news. The nervousness has passed, but I plan to be watching for a while for signs of retaliations from the people we’ve spent the last decade offending.


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