Bettering yourself kinda stinks

Denis Leary performing at the State Theater in...

"Smoking takes ten years off your life. Well its the ten worst years, isnt it folks? Its the ones at the end! Its the wheelchair, kidney dialysis, adult diaper fucking years. You can have those years! We dont want em, alright?" --Denis Leary. Image via Wikipedia

I’m getting back on track with my diet. and I have agreed that I want to lose two pounds per week and Livestrong has decided that means I need to cut to 1,290 calories per day. Personally, I think LS is being a little aggressive there, but I can’t prove it wrong until I do it their way for a week, and so far I’ve been close several times, but under only once, and that because of credit I got for exercising.

Regardless, I’m giving it an honest try. Plus, I’ve added the fun of finally cutting out my nightly cigars completely, which gets me antsy in the later hours, but so far has not overwhelmed me (though it’s hard not to get all Denis Leary about it). In all honesty, it gives me an extra 30-40 minutes in every evening, which I am going to devote to the treadmill or recording in my booth. The treadmill is ready — I’ve been busy loading movies onto the computer I have set up over it — and tonight should be it’s first extended use. I need to start logging a lot of time on there if I’m going to “walk a marathon” with my boss for Relay for Life.

Skeptical? Me too. I’ve made promises before. But things seem to be proceeding well so far. I’m through 3 days with no cigar, and Livestrong and I have been happily working together for a full week now. Keep your fingers crossed, and I’ll start in with some video updates in the next couple days.

So, what’s the grand plan for this whole fitness thing?

  • To “Walk a Marathon” at Relay for Life this year. It may take me all night to get in 26 miles, but I totally plan to do it.
  • To be able to wear size 38 or smaller pants.
  • To lose a tone of weight while my skin is still elastic enough to recoil. I loathe the idea of having to get plastic surgery to remove skin because I sat fat in it for too long.
  • A better chance of living long enough to seriously mess with my grandchildren’s heads.
  • To get back my promise to myself. The last time I lost weight, I swore to myself that I would never get back here again. I failed, obviously, but maybe I can reclaim it.
  • To improve my career. While there has been no overt discrimination at work due to my weight, I strongly suspect that improving my look, and therefore image will help my situation at my present job as well as any future endeavors. It would probably also help if I wasn’t so antisocial.

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  1. tigerdymond on

    Good luck! I found antishay on youtube very motivational re weightloss.Take it slowly, counting calories and keep going seems to be the way to go.

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