The Magic Faded a Little

Oh Magic Mouse. I died inside a little when you failed me...

Since I got my new Mac at work, I have been telling everybody that the Magic Mouse that comes with the new systems is easily the best input device I have ever used with a computer. I love this thing, and now whenever I’m using another machine I feel a little let down if I actually have to use a scroll wheel or — god forbid — a roller-ball (it happens…I have one attached to my home server).

Speaking of roller-ball mice…what was the worst thing about them? For me it was that at some point, the rollers inside would get clogged and all the sudden, no matter where you moved your mouse on the desk you could only move your cursor in straight lines. So then you had to take them apart and clean them or get a new one. But even cleaning led to a new one because each time you did it, you only got about half the use out of it before it clogged again. If you didn’t lose a part first, you would eventually get down to needing to clean about twice per week before even those amongst us with the most fortitude would break down and actually pay for what came free with your computer.

Then came optical mice, and this problem was solved. Or so I thought. I was happily mousing away this afternoon when all of the sudden my Magic Mouse started stuttering across the screen. Then, it started doing that thing I had forgotten it had been so long: it started tracking only in straight lines. The battery’s down to 18%, so I guess it could have been that, but I figured an old school problem deserved an old school solution. So of course I pulled the battery, blew on the optics like it was a Nintendo cartridge from 1987.

I can’t be sure which solution did the trick, but when I popped the battery back in and turned it on, it went back to functioning normally. Regardless, I’ve already spent too much time on this. I just got a laugh at a problem that harkened back to the days of yore–eight years ago or so–and thought I’d share.


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