No such thing as overZealous1

There’s no room for argument. In the realm of underground hip hop Scrub Club Records is a name that stands for skill and quality far exceeding anyone to hit the mainstream in 5 years or more. On the elite Scrub Club pyramid, Zealous1 is a fixture at the top.

If you are drawn to hip hop at all, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t download his latest free album, Rise, which came available only days ago.

The match-ups on this one are breathtaking as well. Dale Chase, Deafinition and Shammers are quality MCs that double their skill every time they make another appearance. Doc Awk is some kind of hip hop savant. Seriously, 20 seconds of the Doc’s flow reminds you of what made Eminem so good in the first place and what he’s lacking now that makes him suck so bad. Putting him and Z1 on the same track is like having Jordan and Pippen stopping by your house to shoot a round of ‘horse’ in your driveway.

Look out for Tilt, this is the rump-shaker anthem that nerdcore is lucky to see once per year. Liar and Rise are classic Z1, and prove why if you lock him in a room with anyone that has hit the top 40 this decade, wait five minutes and open the door, bodies will be scattered everywhere and in the middle will be Li’l Wayne on his side, one cheek pressed to the ground, the other grinding under Z1’s black boot. Z1’s holding a katana, blade pressed to Li’l’s throat, and when you look at Z1’s eye, the corner of his mouth smirks, you see him twitch his arm in your peripheral vision, and Z1 walks away chuckling lowly while Li’l bleeds out…

Where was I? Oh yeah, I have a lot of respect for this man’s art, and you can find out why for FREE.

CLICK HERE to download Rise from Zealous1 and Scrub Club records for FREE

The music industry as we know it is falling apart. When it crumbles, the indies will rise from the ashes. When it happens, you can tell your friends that you knew Scrub Club and Zealous1 before the revolution.


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