Week 3/52 results

XS track

Back on Track! Image via Wikipedia

  • 0: 2/3 – I lapsed in journaling. Back on track now.
  • 1: 0/3 – Okay, for the third week out of three I weighed in heavy. At least this week saw no more gains. Now that all the holiday celebrations are passed, I have no excuses for not having a stellar weigh in this Sunday. Day one of this week already looks promising with me being only +2 points. Day 2 can be good too, with work in the evening, if I pack a small dinner I should be able to make some headway. To be honest, I started this when I did because the need was immediate and I didn’t want to stall and make it a weak-assed New Year’s resolution thing. The diet part hasn’t been very successful so far, but I’ve been more conscious about it than I would have been otherwise, and I have a jump on going full-bore now.
  • 2: 2/2 – I shaved every day but one weekend day again. I’m calling this one another win.
  • 3: 1/1 – I exercised at least once per day for 20 minutes, most days more. If I can keep it up, good things should be ahead


  • 4: Expand vocabulary – a new word every day with weekly & monthly personal quizzes
    • I’ve become very lazy with my language in recent years. Especially with the kids now, it’s time to get back in the habit of expanding the vocab. Not to mention, it won’t hurt in Scrabble. 😉

297 / 294 / 301 / -7


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