FACT: Trains are cool


The "D" at the railroad museum in Lancaster


The kids, their grandmother and grandfather, their uncle and cousin and I all went to the Railroad Museum in Lancaster, PA this afternoon. The kids had a great time playing with little trains and climbing big ones. I had a fun time staring at the huge hunks of metal and learning about some pretty amazing machines. Steam locomotives have always amazed me — they’re just enormous boiling pots that men somehow engineered to populate and supply the country in it’s formative years. For all their pipes and pistons and levers, their basic technology is the same you use to make spaghetti.

Anyway, my legs are sore and both the kids were asleep as of 9:15, so it must have been good for some exercise as well. That and a half hour on the elliptical tonight I’m counting as 2 exercise points, which also means I’m 2/2 on this week’s goal. All-in-all, a well-spent vacation day.

Tonight, I produce this week’s Escape Pod, knock out some voice work, and see what else I can eke in before beddy time.

Finally, I just found out Sounds for Soldiers is making another bid to get funding for their project to send free entertainment to the troops overseas. I wish I would have known sooner, but I’ll be voting every day for the rest of the month to try to give them the boost they need to win $5k for this worthy project.


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