Week 2/52 results

An example of the large (56 lb) weight used in...

The holiday binge has left me feeling like I have one of these in my lower digestive tract. Image via Wikipedia.


  • 0: 2/2
  • 1: 0/2 – Okay, for the second week out of two I weighed in heavy. The good news is that with the holidays passed, the toughest part of this whole thing is behind me for a while. I’m confident that by the time another holiday arrives to tempt me, I will be deep enough into this to make it easier. I’m not making excuses, just looking forward to success.
  • 2: 1/1 I shaved every day but one this past week and that lapsing day was over the weekend. I’m pretty proud of myself. I knowing seems like a silly self-improvement goal, but I really do hate the bother of it, so it’s not a small obstacle to overcome.


  • 3: 20 minutes of daily exercise. The newish elliptical has been freed from the holiday storage and the treadmill is accessible in the basement now that gifts are not being hidden from children. Between these two facts and the evening dog walk, I don’t foresee a problem. The only issue is in making it daily. Though, if I miss a day, I will allow makeup the next day. 140 minute of total exercise for the week will be considered a win.

297 / 295 / 301 / -3


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