Week 1/52 Results

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  • 0: 1/1
  • 1: 0/1 – I didn’t lose a pound this week, I actually gained 2, but there are reasons for this and a victory to consider. To be honest, I was more concerned this week that I get back in the habit of journaling what I eat which has historically been the hard part of dieting for me. The good news is that I was successful in journaling. The bad news is that I did nothing to control what I ate, at least not any more than in recent times. What I found was it’s amazing I’m not 486 lbs. I didn’t realize I had been letting it go so bad. So this week, I’m adding to this goal that my daily cap will be set at 32 Weight Watchers points. If I can do that, losing 3 ponds this week will be no big deal. Working against me: Christmas.


  • 2: Daily shaving – Seems easy? Yeah, it probably should be. But, I’m not a fan of shaving, and I honestly expect this to be one of the more difficult goals I set over the next year.

297 / 296 / 299 / -3


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