WRITING: Presentation for Podcamp Pittsburgh


Image by mutantlog via Flickr

I’m so geeked to be in the ‘Burgh this weekend! Plus I get to talk about one of my favorite things, and do it at The Art Institute where a lot of friends of mine have matriculated and/or teach, which is severely cool.

So I’m finishing off my presentation — writing my outline and putting together my PowerPoint. I’ll probably be finishing this on the car ride there as well…nothing like last minute changes.

What I hope to get out of this experience…

  • Rub some elbows with tons of people I’ve talked to but have never met in person
  • Primantis’
  • A video of me talking somewhat knowledgeably about something I really dig to people who really care that I can post here.
  • I.C. Light in the 16 oz stubby bottles
  • Do some networking, maybe find more voice acting or voiceover gigs
  • The best wings I’ve ever had (sorry, Quaker Steak) and microbrews at Fatheads – http://www.fatheads.com/
  • A chance to promote Warrior Journal
  • Breakfast buffet on Sunday at Eat ‘n Park in Monroeville
  • Hear good people say ‘yins’ and mean it.

Man, I miss my home so much. We’d stay an extra day, but I’d be terrified of what it would do to my waist…


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