#GAINHP: Committing to losing weight

Okay, so I’ve been in on the Scrub Club #GAINHP challenge for four weeks now and haven’t really taken it seriously enough.

This needs to change.

Sunday afternoon I reinstated the basement treadmill to regular service, I’m cutting out the eating late, I’m making an honest attempt to drink more water, and most importantly of all, I’m committing to journal about it here.

I apologize if you don’t want to see this, but I hope you can just ignore the posts in this category. This is how I’m going to keep myself accountable, and that’s pretty key to this whole thing.

Wish me luck. I’ve got about a Cameron Diaz to shave off my body…


2 comments so far

  1. cat on

    Good luck. I’m doing the same. Down 25 so far, so IT’S ON BRO!

    Rachael is about to lose about 10 pounds of baby, and after that I’m gonna help her get on track to lose. We will be one good looking family!

    • matweller on

      Nice! Good on you as the Aussies often say.

      It’s time. I have less support and less free time than the last time I did this, but I’ve hit the age where the metabolism has stopped and all the muscle is turning to fat. I’m not gaining weight, but fat has twice the volume of muscle per weight and I’m getting insanely huge. It needs to stop. It helps knowing you guys are on the case too. Do it now and make it stick, I can attest it’ll be a lot harder after 30 — we do share the same genes after all.

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