WRITING: 2109: From the Files of Azimov 1

I was so geeked about the 2109 project that Bill Hollweg from BrokenSea Audio let me voice-act in that when he suggested maybe we could do some logs by my character that would serve as a prequel to the larger production, I got very excited and asked if I could help write it. Bill — in a disturbing display of trust — gave me the general boundaries and let me write up a six-episode prequel.

I’m generally very bashful about my writing, especially my script writing since I don’t have a lot of experience. But Bill and I have just completed the scripts for these six short episodes, and I am very proud of what we’ve put together. I think it will introduce the series well. And if you can forgive my ego here, I’m going to say that if I can record them well, they’re going to be quite moving. If anything, I’m nervous that I won’t be able to fully capture the power of the fourth episode. It’s so dark and passionate that getting it right may mean leaving a piece of myself on the floor. Seriously, I get teary when I read it…

Of course I’ll provide links when the time comes, but keep an eye on the entire BrokenSea feed. They really do some amazing stuff there, and Bill is a big part of it.


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